G Hotel Tree Bar, Gurney Drive – Not Just A Tree, It’s A Bar

Tree bar is a hipster chill out spot tucked in between G Hotel and Gurney Plaza. Tree Bar was opened since 19th June 2014 by G Hotel.


As Tree Bar continues to enjoy brisk business, G Hotel Gurney has recently extended its Tree Bar from the previous 48-seating capacity to now 198-seating capacity.


It is now hotly-tipped as Penang’s largest alfresco bar and also deemed as the top favorite hangout spot under the tree. This bar features a selection of beverages and bites that go easy on your wallet with happy hours featuring buy one free one promotions.


For those who likes outdoor seating, they can sit at the alfresco area while those who likes to chill in a cozier place or also just in case it rains, there is a shaded section. Patrons can sit back and unwind after a long day on a raised deck that comes with a stylish wooden bar in an open-air concept.


Tree Bar is nestled under “Albizia Saman” tree which is also known as the ‘rain tree’. Its leaves folds during the rainy weather and in the evening, hence the locals named it as “five o’clock” tree (“Pukul Lima” in Bahasa Malaysia). Not wanting to ruin the atmosphere by cutting down the over 80 year-old tree, G Hotel decided to make good use of the space around it by ‘killing two birds with one stone’ – providing a cozy space for guests while saving the planet.

Food List:

Crispy Squids – RM22, Chinese-style deep fried salt and pepper squids with garlic chive mayonnaise. It is a very contradictory dish. It is high in sodium and yet the crispy skin and chewy squids are irresistible. It is best to go with beer.


Potato Croquettes – RM18, deep fried breaded new potato, chopped onions, garlic and scallion with basil tomato sauce. Young and fresh potatoes were cooked and mashed before mixing with chopped onions and garlic. The crispiness of the outer layer blended well with the soft inner potato filling. Complementing this dish with the appetizing basil tomato sauce is a perfect match.


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks – RM22, deep fried mozzarella sticks with Mexican garlic salsa and extra virgin olive oil. The rich and aromatic mozzarella cheese sticks were added with some garlic salsa and extra virgin olive oil to give it an extra boost in flavour.


Seafood Pizza – RM36. Combination of calamari, prawns, mussels, tuna and homemade tomato sauce with cheese as well as basil leaves will leave you wanting for more as it is full with seafood goodness. This is one of the famous dishes at Tree Bar.


Short Ribs – RM32, breaded sous vide short ribs with creamy mustard sauce and fries. The crispy skin and tender short ribs were nice, but the taste will be slightly plain if eating without the creamy mustard sauce.


Currywurst Sausage – RM26, German chicken sausage braised in curry leaves, ketchup and spices. This sausage is one of the top orders at Tree Bar. Due to popular demand, this sausage is back in season.


Arancini – RM22. Cheese and mushroom arancini with smoked tomato sauce and fresh basil herb. Arancini is a stuffed rice ball coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried. They are usually filled with ragù (meat and tomato sauce), mozzarella, and mushroom. This rice balls are very unique and are not easy to get at other places.


Gyoza – RM26, Pan-grilled Japanese prawn dumplings with chili and premium soy sauce. It was not too oily and had a firm texture. It is best to enjoy it while it is hot as skin will be crunchy.


Meatballs – RM22, homemade chicken meatballs braised in light gravy and criss cut potatoes. The meatballs were very stuffy and a bit too tough. I personally feel that this dish still has room for improvement.


Buffalo Wings – RM29, deep fried chicken wings with fresh celery, carrots and cheese sauce. The crispy chicken wings tasted great when dipped in cheese sauce.


Chicken Schnitzel – RM36, crispy and juicy breaded chicken breast, guacamole, tomato salsa and fries. I love the guacamole and the salsa sauce in this dish as they made the chicken schnitzel tasted more appetizing.


Drinks and Beers List:

Little Creatures Pale Ale – RM32, this unique beer is something different from other bars. This imported beer was nice and strong. For those that love stronger taste beer, this will be the one.


Hoegaarden Rosée – RM26, this version of Hoegararden comes with some rosy aroma but it is not too overwhelming. Definitely a popular choice for the ladies.


Erdinger Dunkel – RM37 per pint. The smooth and creamy dark beer from Germany contains carefully-selected dark malts and roasted delicately. It gives this beer a full-bodied flavor and strong character.


Atlantic Breeze – RM30. As refreshed as sea breeze! With light rum, apricot brandy, Galliano, pineapple juice, lemon juice and grenadine to kick start your night!


Chocolada – RM30. A mixture of blended crème de cacao, light rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and chocolate. It can’t get any tastier and richer!


Tequila Sunrise – RM30, tequila, grenadine, filled up with orange juice


Singapore Sling – RM30, gin, triple sec, cherry brandy, pineapple juice, lime, soda water with a drop of DOM.


Bloody Mary – RM30, vodka and tomato juice with a dash of tabasco & pepper.


Flight Beer – RM47 per tray. 6 glasses of different beers are served on a tray, starting with Carlsberg, Guinness, Asahi, Hoegaarden, Pale Ale and Connor’s Stout. The name Flight beer means you will be able to try out all the famous beer here at Tree Bar at once.


Norman is the person in charge here. He is very friendly and helpful. You can look for him if you need any food or advice on drinks.


Overall, this place was very nice and with its wooden bar and open-air concept. The taste of the food here was great and the price of the food and beverages here was comparatively affordable.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Corkage Charge
Credit Card
Smoking (available outdoor)
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00pm – 1.00am (Sunday – Thursday); 12:00pm – 2:00am (Friday – Saturday)
Contact: 04-238 0000
Address: 168A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
GPS: 5.4376445, 100.3083317

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