Anlene is a well known brand to public as it is always known for its unique milk products that contain specialized combination of nutrients that work together to support strong bones. Anlene is one of the best selling brands and a leader in its segment for Fonterra Brands Malaysia. This year, Anlene is celebrating its 20th anniversary.


On 2nd September 2016 (Friday), Fonterra launched an experiential showcase at Queensbay Mall to get Malaysians to move as young as they feel inside. This is in conjunction with the introduction of the new Anlene with MoveMax™ which includes Calcium, Collagen and Protein for the well-being of bones, joints and muscles.


The Anlene with MoveMax™ experience will be visiting Queensbay Mall from 31st August to 4th September 2016. Those who are interested to know how well is their movement can head to the showcase to get their mobility checked at the MoveCheck booth.


In conjunction with the launch of the new Anlene today in Penang, there is a campaign to inspire and encourage men and women of all ages to keep moving, and the best way to move is to move as young as you feel inside.


Anlene with MoveMax™ contains important nutrients such as Calcium, Collagen, Protein, as well as other nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and Vitamins B, C, D & E in a nutrient bundle to help care for your bones, joints and muscles.


Miss Melissa launched the campaign by giving a brief speech on the new Anlene product series.


Followed by speech From Mr. Paulo Ocampo, the Marketing Manager for Anlene: “We want to empower more Malaysians to come out of their shells and get moving as young as they feel inside. While they may emotionally feel younger inside, they need to align their physical movement to appear fresh and dynamic on the outside – not to be defined by age. Research showed that active adults have a 30% higher chance of enhanced wellbeing than inactive adults. Movement does not need to be a chore, it can be joyful and fun,” said Mr. Paulo Ocampo, Marketing Manager of Anlene for Malaysia. He explained that there needs to be more awareness on the importance of movement as one gets older.


Mr. Paulo demonstrated on how to play the game of Anlene Movemax. Those who managed to complete the game will receive some great prizes.


Besides the games, Anlene also provided MoveCheck to check the bone density of the participants whether their bone structure is still at the optimal range.


A series of physical movements are required to perform in order to check the flexibility and joints muscle as well.


To coincide with the launching of Anlene Move Young Fest, Chi Fitness has been invited to perform a series of Zumba dances.


Group photo taken for the medias and bloggers.


It was a great day for me as I managed to complete the challenge of MoveMax and received a gift from Anlene. This proves that my bone structure and muscle joints are still very strong. 😀


Thanks to Fonterra and AEON for giving me the Philips blender as the completion gift and Anlene series products as door gift.


Anlene MoveMax™ is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and is available in powdered form as well as in yoghurt form. The powdered form comes in two flavours – plain and chocolate and is available in 1kg, 600g, and 175gpacks. Anlene Movemax™ Yoghurt is available in 4 delicious variants: plain, mango, strawberry, and mixed berries.

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