Yummy Penang Seafood @ Restoran Nelayan, Kuala Juru

It has been a while since I posted on the Kuala Juru Warung Pak Su. On previous post I have mentioned that Warung Pak Su offered variety of food at a strategic location at the junction of Jalan Juru.

If so, Restaurant Nelayan will be the other way round with great taste and nice scenery. This place is usually packed with people during dinner to supper time. If you want to avoid the crowd, please make sure to be there before 5:30pm.

Just next to the restaurant, there is a great sea view with warm sea breeze.

The shore is made up of sea shells, please mind your steps if you are planning to take a stroll along the beach.

There are also a lot of horseshoe crab in between the seashells.

There is also a port for fishermen to load their catch.

The catch for the day, clams, clams and clams again.

The fisherman was busy loading their catch.

The clams were placed in the bucket and were ready to be processed.

The job of cleansing the clams have been made easy with the usage of this machine.

The exterior view of Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, a place for seafood and Thai cuisine.

The side entrance of Restoran Nelayan, the look of the entrance is very country-style.

One of the staff was preparing our food.

All the while I thought the prawns used to cook mee udang are Tiger Prawns. However, the truth is “Udang Hijau” (Green Prawns) are the one being used to cook Mee Udang.

Mee Udang RM6.00 (Prawn Noodle), the gravy had a very strong taste of prawn, it was sour and spicy and it had the sweetness taste of seafood as I believe the gravy had been cooked with prawn shells. No doubt the gravy of the noodle was very delicious but the catch of the day was not that fresh. I could feel the green prawns had been kept over night and the shell was quite soft instead of fresh and hard.

Nasi Goreng Paprid (Paprid Fried Rice) RM4.00 is one of the recomended nasi goreng paprid that I love. Overall, all the preparation were pre-ready. The rice was cooked until the pan aroma was strong enough, the gravy was delicious while the ingredients used such as squids, chicken cubes and vegetables were all very fresh. It is one of my favorite.

Mee Udang + Ketam (Prawn + Crab Noodle) RM6.00, the gravy used for this noodle is the same as the one used for “mee udang” (prawn noodle). However, I still prefer the gravy for the prawn noodle as the taste of the crab in prawn crab noodle has made the gravy slightly over sweet and it really overwhelmed the taste of noodle and the vegetables.

Nasi Goreng Udang (Fried Rice Prawn) RM6.00, before I ordered this dish, I have in mind that this dish will have the mixture of prawn with fried rice blend together. However, it came out very different as I thought. The fried rice remained as fried rice while the prawn was cooked with semi dried chili paste gravy. If you want to order the mixture of prawn with fried rice, that should be Udang Nasi Goreng (Prawn Fried Rice). Although the separation of fried rice and prawn, the taste is still delicious and acceptable. For those that unable to take spiciness, think twice before you order this dish.

Overall, the gravy and the cooking style here is great and very delicious. The only improvement that this stall should take care of is the freshness of their sea catch. They should have frequently checked on their stock before serving.

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Operation hours: 12:00noon – 11:00pm (Closed On Tuesday)
Contact: 012-567 2423, 019-549 7134, 017-446 7194
Address:Persatuan Nelayan Unit Kuala Juru, MK12, SPT, 14100 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.

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  2. Cariso, we can organise and no need to register

    Mary, this trip is very old liao… we are planning for a coming one to Pulau Aman 🙂

    Bee, sure ketam, sotong and udang, you name it

  3. Terima kasih Mr. Stevan Goh kerana sudi mempromosikan Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru di laman Blok anda.. From; Jimmy Ramli, Pengurus Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru.

  4. Mr. Goh, Juru Corner dekat Masjid Bagan Nyiur Juru, sebelum simpang 3 ke Gerai Pak SU, kedai sebelah kiri, tepi jalan je.. kita buka pukul 3pm sampai 1.30am, cuti hari selasa sama macam 2 minggu sekali.

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