Craving for That Roti Canai @ Sin Kim Sing, Jalan Tengah

Many times, during weekend morning thinking for a good place for breakfast might be killing me off. Usually, there will be few places in my head Sungai Tiram’s Breakfast, Batu Lanchang’s No 76 Breakfast Stall, O & N Wan Tan Mee, or even this particular post on Roti Canai. These are the few morning breakfast that come to my mind as I am not so fancy about hokkien mee or curry mee over the morning meal, if I still insist I will be messing up the toilet.

The roti canai stall that I am going to introduce today, is quite well known stall in Jalan Tengah Flat. For those that working at Bayan Lepas Industrial area, this place will not be familiar to most of you. Kafe Sin Kim Sing is one of the breakfast and lunch coffee shop. There are varieties of food selling here during breakfast. However, one of my favorite here is the roti canai stall.

This roti canai stall is just under the stair case that you will not miss when you enter to this coffee shop. Usually there will be an Indian “ah mah” (granny) standing in front the stall  to make the roti canai while taking the order.

It seems like it is a family business where most of them are here to sell the roti canai, they are like 3 generation together. According to the owner, Andy this stall had been operated for a decade.

The price of the roti is quite reasonable, Roti Canai RM0.80 and Roti Telur RM1.50. This is the usual standard market rate after the patrol hike, never the less the petrol already dropped but the price for the food still remain high everywhere.

Normally for me I would order just the plain roti canai rather than roti telur. I find that the plain roti canai is more crunchier and also more pan fried aroma compare to roti telur.

For those that not preferring sweet, this might not be a good option for you as the dough is slightly sweet, as well as the kuah “curry”. One thing special  about this roti canai is that the crunchiness will still maintain even after my photo session which normally everything will be cold and soften off.

To me the taste of the dough really goes well with the kuah. It really give me the feeling of divine food.

For those that out of idea on where to get breakfast, you might want to consider this. By the way, the advisable time to be here is before 10:30am else you will end up empty handed.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 6:30am – 11:00am (Close on Alternate Monday)
Contact: 012-488 0258 (Andy)
Address: Sin Kim Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Tengah Flat, Off Jalan Tengah. 11900 Penang.

11 thoughts on “Craving for That Roti Canai @ Sin Kim Sing, Jalan Tengah”

  1. OMG! My friend’s family stall. I was his youngest son Sathiya’s classmate. I eat here when I was still at secondary school at Raja Tun Uda. 😀 Nice roti and kuah. More on the sweet side.

  2. Mary, is one of my favorite too.

    Little inbox, ya… not bad

    Ken, by mentioning your name got discount ah?

    Duckie, exactly I love the taste.

    Buzzingbee, you should come here for the breakfast too.. many choices.

  3. Hi Steven,
    This is indeed delicious. I didnt know that this still exist…I had this every Sunday Morning after hiking when I was a lil kid – as young as 3yrs old then….now that it is after 20 yrs…I think it had been operating for more than 2 decades!

    The aroma is superb, it still lingers in my mind 😛 Thumbs up. Now that you reminded me of this Roti Canai stall again, I am gonna revisit this for breakfast 🙂 thank you

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