Cheapest Dim Sum in Town @ Dim Sum Food Restaurant, Macalister Road

There are many places for Dim Sum in town area, every dim sum restaurant is just a stone’s throw away. But how could you determine which place sells outstanding dim sum? A good dim sum has to be fresh with great variety and value for money. But talking about cheap dim sum there is no other place than below:

Guess how much would you spend for a feast of 5 persons at dim sum with 13 varieties of dim sum? RM70? or RM80? Well, give me RM50 and I will get you all the 13 dishes with your change back. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

This place had been blogged by both the floggers Food Paradise and Criz Food before. This place caters for 2 business. In the morning session they serve Dim Sum.

While at night they serve steamboat and the name of the restaurant is “Town Steamboat Restaurant”.

The exact location of this place is just opposite of Menara UMNO at Macalister Road.

Even for weekdays, this place is packed with people.

First to be on the introduction list is Porridge with Century Egg (皮蛋粥), for those that love smooth and simple breakfast, this would be a great option. The texture of the porridge is just nice with the combination of slightly salty century egg, topped with crunchy fried wantan skin, ginger and spring onions. It is really suitable for those who wants to avoid hot and spicy.

Prawn Dumpling (虾餃). The most important ingredient of making a good prawn dumpling is the freshness of the prawns used. Although compared to the one that I had in Fook Shan (Ipoh) the taste is still incomparable, I can assure you that this is one of the top range dumplings in terms of freshness and juiciness in Penang.

Shark Fin Prawn Dumpling (鱼翅虾餃), similar ingredient used to make prawn dumpling, the only difference is with the addition of with shark fins which completes the dish in luxurious style.

Mushroom Minced Pork Prawn (香菇肉酱虾). I am not sure what is the actual name of this dish but I know that the ingredients are made up of the few ingredients that mentioned above. The soup was cooked in concentrated pork ribs which was delicious.

Prawn and Pork Dumpling (虾卖). The usual dish that we get at most of the dim sum restaurant is only pork dumpling (烧卖) instead of Prawn and Pork Dumpling (虾卖), whereas here the owner took the initiative to make this dish more special on the mixture of prawn and pork. The taste was excellent.

Pan Fried Bun (锅贴馒头), a very special type of cooking which was made of usual bun recipe with mixed vegetable stuffing. It is crunchy on the outside and warn and juicy on the inside.

Gyoza (餃子), very similar to Pan Fried Bun (锅贴馒头) except that the outer skin is made from dumpling skin. It went well with the ginger and vinegar.

Egg tart (蛋达), the side crust was indeed very crispy while the inner stuffing was very smooth. It is one of my favorites.

Deep Fried Prawn (生炸虾), this is not my cup of tea as I don’t like oily food for breakfast. I believe Cariso the queen of Japanese Food will think the same as well. Even though it is not my cup of tea, still I must admit that the prawns that used to deep fried with the bean curd skin was fresh.

Braised Chicken Feet (烧鸡脚), again it is not my selection but still some of the people love this very much. Maybe due to its smoothness and the sweetness? To me this one is if you are not too picky then this is good “mai hiam beh pai”.

Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun (港式猪肠粉). Nice and smooth type of Hongkie style chee cheong fun. The thickness of the “fun” is just like a piece of paper and there are several fresh prawns stuffed inside. It was a sensational kick off.

Lotus Glutinous Rice (荷叶糯米饭), cooked with lotus seed, mushroom and meat cube. It looked nice, however some one  just finished the whole thing without leaving some for me to try out and telling me that is not nice 🙁 *sob*

Now do you believe me that the price is RM43.50 for 13 varieties?

Overall most of the food here is much better than “mai hiam beh pai”(if you are not picky then it is good). The most attractive element is the pricing that is the cheapest in town at this moment. Prove me wrong if you able to get a cheaper one.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 9.00am-3.00pm (Monday-Friday) & 8.00am-3.00pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)
Contact: 604-229 7273
Address:63, Lorong Macalister, 10400 Penang, Malaysia.

16 thoughts on “Cheapest Dim Sum in Town @ Dim Sum Food Restaurant, Macalister Road”

  1. I just tried all these last Sunday with my bro and friend. Some more bump into Allie …. XD

    All the food here is good and pretty cheap. Hope they can maintain their business for a long time.

  2. yeah a lot of variety here. But getting a place during weekends is not easy! I didn’t try the pan fried items coz I thought it would be oily, looking at the pan.

  3. NKOTB, exectly talking about the taste penang dim sum still have room to improve.

    Little Inbox, ya…. it really cheap… so far in penang I never get a place cheaper than here.

    Gill, it’s actually juicy and succulence.

    Allie, ya… heard that u bumped into Ken also.

    Ken, hopefully they can maintain that forever. 🙂

    Rebbecca, always no chance to meet u and bring you along for good food in Penang lah… must arrange for that.

  4. Some nice pics and comments.
    Anyway, I’ll skip this one on our next visit. It would be weird to travel from Hong Kong to Penang to eat… Dim Sum?
    Doesn’t sound like a good idea in our specific case. 🙂

  5. I been to this place once. My only comment is that place is damn messy.

    We notice the next used table was unclean even after we have left the restaurant and finished our meal. We notice that shop is totally short handed. Not enough waiter/waitress at all. Most of the time people is waiting for them to do clean up of the table.

    Food wise, overall is ok but compare with ipoh, hahah…can’t compare at all.

    End of the day, we didnt pay even after we left.. because simply no one will care. So, its very cheap.. FREE also.

  6. This is a friendly restaurant, we as a customer sometime even help to clean their table when they are too busy, if they dont have time to collect money from us, we pay it at the counter.
    My advice is dont go there if you want to be serve like a big boss.

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