Whole Day Event On Wesak Day @ Penang

May 19th is Lord Buddha’s birthday. To all the Buddhists, I would like to wish you all a Happy Wesak Day. For non-Buddhists, wishing all of you a Happy Holiday.

In Penang, the celebration of Wesak day is very grand. I have visited 5 temples and watched the Wesak procession float on that night. I’ve been walking the whole day and busy clicking away with my camera. For those who read this post, you will be enjoying endless scrolls of pictures.

My first stop, the “Tzu Chi”, Penang. Although I am not the member of “Tzu Zhi”, I respect their huge charity commitments to the needy. It is one of the organizations that really reach out to the poor and disabled regardless of their background or races. I’ve seen them at many places during the bad times like Tsunami and landslides.

This is the main entrance of “Tzu Chi”

The balcony at the side wing, allowing people to relax or study.

The surrounding is full of “Zen” and is recharging my “Qi”.

Inside the hall, you will see this crystal structure, was told that this is the Master and the founder of “Tzu Chi”.

The Buddhist scripts are crafted on the bamboos and arranged on the wall. 

A Mona Lisa-like picture made up of small pictures of “Tzu Chi” founder.

Next, we headed to our second stop, the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Pulau Tikus.

The hallway is full of people and the pictures hanging at the hallway is telling the tale of legendary Buddha. 

One of the pictures, showing the cruel greedy landlord seeking for Buddha’s help after he was chased off by the devil.

Does anyone know what is this feature trying to tell the visitors? It seems like the Earth is guarded by 2 secret guardians. I have never heard about this tale.

I know this one, it is the “Fairy on the Moon”, but I don’t know where does the kid and the flamingo come from? Is this the “Fairy Moon Tale”(嫦娥) or “Chinese Cow Boy and the Sewing Lady”(牛郎织女)?  

The 2 fatty boys carrying a bell. Not sure why the first kiddo has his tongue  stuck out? Like “whatzzup” in Budwiser ads.

Nicely decorated float, this was one of the floats participated on that night’s procession.

Many Indian friends were celebrating and praying on Wesak Day too.

Some one got blessed by the monk by putting on the holy band. 

Someone waited patiently to be blessed. 

Our third destination, the Thai temple which also houses the Sleeping Buddha is just opposite of the Burmese temple. 

I still didn’t forget my food search mission. I found a stall inside the Thai Temple selling Siam Ice Cream. Yum!

There is only one type of flavour which is coconut. However, the taste of this ice cream is not very rich with a strong coconut milk taste. In fact it’s very refreshing and juicy. Kinda mixture of sorbet and full cream milk ice cream.

The pagoda behind the temple houses the urns of the deceased.

Entrance to the main hall.

The bird lady guardian and the door guardian.

The Four-Faced Buddha that brings happiness, wealth, wisdom and popularity.

The dragon guardian. 

The nine-headed snake guardian. 

The main attraction of the temple – the largest Sleeping Buddha in the world.

For those bloggers who are aiming for higher google page rank, you can worship this Buddha as it will bring you strong body and high rank.

A famous monk in Thailand.

Our forth destination, the Achan Khun Nui Temple at Scotland Road.

Thousand of candles were lighten up at every conner of this temple.

Money tree. There are dollar notes hanging on this tree. I am not sure what does this mean. Someone who knows please explain.

Fifth destination, the Penang Buddish Association.

People are making wishes by throwing coins into the pond.

Another float in preparation of that night’s procession.

This flower in round shape is very nice just like a round sponge. Anyone knows the name of this flower?

Main hall at the Penang Buddist Association.

At night the Wesak Float Procession at town area.

Holly water blessing by the monk.

Goddess of Mercy with her companions on the float.

Floats coming one after another…

This was the float I saw at the Burmese Temple.

Karaoke on top of the float.

One of the nicest floats……..

…….but people were working hard to push the float from behind.

The big Buddha that finished off the procession.

8 thoughts on “Whole Day Event On Wesak Day @ Penang”

  1. Steven

    How intersting seeing all the lovely photos. Only palce I have been to is the Thai Temple where the sleeping budda lies. My grandma, grandpa and aunty ashes are there. Must go to the othet places when I get back this summer. Intend to show my kids the rich religious history of Penang.



  2. Hi Yat Hoe, I agree with you. We shouldn’t forget our root and culture. If you really come back to Penang and need a free local tour guide I am more then willing to bring you around 🙂

  3. I’d been to the Burma Temple.. i think the reason y the kid sticking the tongue out bcos he jus finished his meal 🙂

    oh.. rgding the money tree, i think some1 pls explain this to me? i dun think buddha wans us to do so rite?

    steven, i like ur pics 🙂 post more ya 🙂

  4. Hi Liang Mui, thanks for the encouragement. I will make sure my blog is full of photos. I just scare that my readers will complain that they scroll until their finger cramp.

  5. I only managed to take photos on the exterior of the Tzu Chi building but you did a great job taking shots of the interior too.
    I love the crystal structure of its founder…. really cyrstal clear.
    Thanks for sharing all these photos…

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