Aid for China Relief

If you had read about my previous post on I Can’t Help Them All, At Least I Do What I Can to Help is about saving life for the people in Myanmar of cyclone and also earthquake in China, have you done your part yet?

At my place, there are people collecting donation or organizing charities sales for the aiding survivors of China and Myanmar. There are road side concert setup start singing from 7pm until 1pm non stop mainly just for the charity of china earthquake and also free porridge provided with donation collection for the same purpose too.

For I myself had donated nearly USD$50 in term of cash and also items to the survivors aid in China.

In London BackgammonMasters Online Blackjack, Poker and Backgammon Board is generously aiding survivors of the earthquake in China. Backgammon has offered to match $5 for every $1 donated from a months worth of tournament buy-ins ranging from $4.50 to $200. Players will participate in backgammon and blackjack tournaments where all of the prize money will go directly to the UNICEF organization whose main focus of attention and assistance is on child victims of the quake.

So many people had done their parts, have you?

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