I Can’t Help Them All, At Least I Do What I Can to Help

There are a lot of tragic happend lately, not about Dr. Tun Mahathir.


I am talking about something even bigger and even more terrifying. Is about the cyclone in Myanmar,

And the earthquake in China.

After watching these pictures, I really hope that I can fly there to save their life, but if I am flying there, who is going to save my car loan and bills? I really appreciate and respect the voluntary workers that helping out at there. Again, for me I can’t do much to help them. I wanted to donate to the Milo can that some organization had setup by the road side, but don’t know whether they are genuine?

Thanks to BB Community that sending me an reminder that telling me I can pay via Paypal. Seen we always earn from pay post via paypal and also do a lot of fund transfers with their service, so far they never fail us. Therefore, I had decided to donate via paypal.

For me I only manage to donate USD10 to the China victims. I really hope that all of us can do something to help both Myanmar and China victims back to their normal life again.

For those that wish to pay via paypal, you can login to paypal website and scroll to the bottom of the page and select either Myanmar Cyclone Victime Help or China Earthquake Relief. If you have the ability, you might also consider helping both.

1 thought on “I Can’t Help Them All, At Least I Do What I Can to Help”

  1. thanks steven for the kind move~ u r such a good person, and i’m proud to be your blog fanz!

    i know there r a lot of bloggers did their part too, don’t worry, everyone do a bit will be a big help in the end.

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