Uniquely Pan Cake

6-Apr Thursday, Sunshine. Today is my offday from work. Loitering around and watching all walks of life rushing for their living, What a relief for a technical support call taker.

The introduction for today, A different type of pan cake neither from Western nor Eastern. Usually the types of pan cake that we used to taste are “Ban Cheng Kuih” (Chinese Pan Cake) and the Wafer, Western Pan Cake. This Pan Cake never looked the same as the above mention.

Coffeeshop This time, I remembered the name of the street for that coffee shop.  It’s named “Jalan Union” a side way avenue of Beach Street. The name of the coffee shop is called “Yong Sing”.

Frontstall The stall for the Pan Cake can be easily recognized as it’s just located infront of the shop and the owner is a lady. The owner had operated this stall for quite a while and now she had expanded her business to another branch nearby and is taken care by her sister.

Food The shot of the pan cake, with a cup of Chinese herbal tea. (I’ve taken a sip of it). The main ingredients of the pan cake are flour and egg. It’s also contains sesame, raisin and also slices of banana.

If you are bored of having the usual Pan cakes, this is a different solution for you. Note, this coffee shop will operate their business during banking hours.

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