Excellent Breakfast Set

Finally, weeks after my second blog I was been complained of no new updates. Working in a 12hrs shift is a pain but in return, the long off days are the great returns.

20060409_00046_8 Topic of the day, a very regular breakfast set but with great combination of butter toasts and consistently prepared of 1/2 boiled eggs. With a cup of Kopi or Tea it’s simply the best. All these start at a small ‘atap’ house.  Some of you would fell familiar with this place as it’s quite famous for breakfast set. The location of the shop is 1/2 way from Bayan Lepas to Airport.

20060409_00047_1The ‘Great Food Seeker’ is on our way into the stall. Remember to observe your watch when you step into this shop. They really time their business hour. The shop owner will call the day off at 11am. So far, I’ve visited this shop and they open every weekdays and Saturday.

20060409_00050_1 The  Owner is now preparing the last set of breakfast for us. The time arriving was 10:55am. As we seated and enjoyed our breakfast, the owner waved hand to stop guess from coming in.20060409_00051_2

The snapshot of set breakfast with combination of nicely mixed portion of hot tea with condenses milk, consistently accurate prepared half boiled egg and 2 slices of butter toast. Try this and you will understand why I highly recommended this breakfast set.

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