Thumbs up Classic Kopi Stall

Well, it’s so nice that day light saving had just ended recently. Now I can have more time at night, no hush to go bed early.

Today’s topic, old time kopi stall that sells nice Kopi-O and classic toast. I’m not sure if anyone of you have ever tasted the Kopi-O and toast at this small stall shown below. It’s located a few streets from Kwan Yim Teng (Godess of Mercy Temple, Down Town) forgotten the name of the street. To know the actual location, ask the Uncle and Auntie around where is “Lam Pak Kopi Stall” and they will guide you there. Remember to bear your pronunciation when you say “Lam Pak”, you should use cantonese not hokkien tone.

Tatt_yee_1 If you ever met this stall. (Please ignore that couple) Do drop by and have a taste of his toast and Kopi-O. I had tried many toast stalls and shops before and there are no places that can beat this.


This is the Kopi-O, 1/4 full Kopi-O peng and few slices of toast made by Lam Pak. It’s simply the best. (That’s not my hand)

Lam_pak There, can you spot Lam Pak? He is the owner of this stall. Chatting with him and I’ve noticed that he had started his business not 20 or 30 years but 50 years back instead. He might be the few elderly that watch Penang Island grown from that few small ‘atap’ houses to the busy Georgetown today. What a historical landmark to be recognized.

Toastmaker_1 Tell me if you still meet this type of toast baker around in Penang. I doubt that breakfast stalls in Penang still using this.

Lam Pak is now Eighty years over. Not too long we still have the chance to taste this kind of classical delight. Try out yourself, if you ever dropped by and let me about your sharing.

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