Trois Canon Cafe, Campbell Street – Nostalgic Hong Kong Style Cafe

It is nothing new to see hipster and lifestyle cafes grabbing the popular post titles in most blogs today. Sometimes, I really feel that the readers are getting bored reading posts about the latest cafe in town but the food and drinks that the cafe is offering is almost the same as the rest of the cafes.


So now I hope to bring a ‘revolution’ to those cafe-hoppers. The one I am going to introduce has a very nostalgic ambience. Most importantly at this challenging time in our economy, it offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner at affordable prices.


Upon entering Trios Canon Cafe “三炮台”, it gives you the feeling of having entered into one of those classical coffee shops “茶餐厅” in Hong Kong.


The list of 10 must-eat food in Trois Canon Cafe is shown below. Even the food that they are offering are very similar to ones in Hong Kong.


One thing that I love about Trois Canon Cafe is that they do cater for healthier options. For those looking for a better eating habit like myself, there is always a Low Carbs, Low Calories and Low Fats breakfast available.


Breakfast Combo, 7:30am – 11:30am

Set A Breakfast – RM10.00

Macaroni Soup with Ham
2 x fried eggs & Toast
Option of soup come with Tomata Based or Clear Soup Based


This is a typical “Set A” breakfast that we have been exposed to by those HK dramas or those who had ever been to HK.


If you are not getting full with macaroni soup and ham, there is also toast and 2 sunny side ups to top up your meal.


All the breakfast sets come with the option of coffee or tea.


Lumberjack Breakfast – RM9.50
Three smoked bacon, 2 x scrambled eggs, 2 x sausages, grilled ham and toast.

Served with coffee or tea


The items and the portion provided by this “Lamberjack Breakfast” is just like the “Big Breakfast” offered in other higher standard cafes. The difference about this set is the price is much more affordable. Priced at only RM9.50 and you could even get a coffee or tea.


Afternoon Tea Combo, 11:30am – 5:00pm

Afternoon Tea Set A – RM12.00

BBQ Pork, Spaghetti Soup
2 Fried Eggs with Ham and Toast

Served with Coffee or Tea


The pork slices served in the tomato based soup spaghetti really made the combination more appetizing. I personally prefer this option compared to the clear soup base.


For those who couldn’t get enough of the set meal, you still have the option to add on toast, eggs and ham.


Overall, this place really gives one the feeling of dining in a classic coffee shop in Hong Kong. One thing that attracts me a lot about this place is the price of the food here is reasonable and portion is generous. They also have healthy menu for those looking for healthier options. The only drawback about this place is it is extremely difficult to find parking in this area.


Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 7:30am – 5:00pm (Close on Saturday)
Contact: 04-2643 168
Address:165, Campbell Street, Penang.
GPS: 55.4184883,100.330295

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