Vistana Hotel, Bukit Jambul – Lunar Yee Sang Dinner

In conjunction with Chinese New Year this year, Vistana Hotel in Bukit Jambul has come up with a special package for the Lunar Yee Sang Dinner. The series of dishes and arrangement are prepared by  Executive Chinese Hong Kong Chef Ng Wing Lam.


The Chinese Yee Sang Dinner at Vistana Hotel is priced at RM618++ onwards.

As with other traditional Yee Sang meals, the first dish will be Yee Sang. Over here, they serve Salmon Yee Sang. It comes with raw salmon slices, crushes of peanuts, shredded vegetables, condiments and deep fried yam slices.


The tossing of yee sang is a very meaningful moment for Chinese during the Lunar New Year. It symbolises prosperity and good luck in the coming year. The higher you toss, the better you will be. 🙂 The taste of the yee sang is actually quite standard as most of the ingredients are the same.


Braised Pumpkin Soup – The base of the soup was prepared with seafood and chicken essence. It was then thickened and added with tofu cubes.


This is a new kind of soup to me and surprisingly the taste of the soup was good.


Steamed Red Lion Fish – The red lion fish was steamed using top grade soy sauce and then topped with coriander and chives.


The impressive part of this dish is the freshness of the fish. When serving with top grade soy sauce, they complemented each other really well.


Home Style Whole Chicken With Mushrooms – The chicken was roasted and covered with oyster-based sauce, vegetables, assorted mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, carrot, red dates and black fungus.


The chicken was tender and flavourful. However, it didn’t blend well with the sauce which was cooked separately.


Crispy Prawns With Yellow Beans and Mayo – The prawns were battered and deep fried until golden and crispy. Then it was sprinkled with generous amount of yellow beans and topped with some mayonnaise sauce.


One thing that I need to highlight for this dish is prawns were very fresh..


Braised Garden Vegetables With Assorted Mushroom – The dish consisted of broccoli’s, cauliflowers, carrots, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage.


After having so much meat, this garden vegetables dish is just perfect to relax the stomach.


Wok-fried Rice with Deep-Fried Anchovies and Chicken – The fried rice was added with some mixed beans, chicken cubes and topped with deep fried anchovies and sided with some shredded lettuce.


The crispiness of the deep fried anchovies gives a total new feeling of having fried rice.


Ginger Tea with Black Sesame Rice Ball – The rice balls were stuffed with black sesame paste and cooked in ginger and red dates tea.


I like the idea of having a hot desert after a heavy meal. Usually, desserts such as sweet sago or ice cream sticks are served in Chinese restaurants. However, at Vistana Hotel they served hot ginger tea with black sesame rice balls which is both nutritious and delicious.


There are 3 Yee Sang Set Menu options as shown below.


The Executive Chinese Hong Kong Chef Ng Wing Lam has more than 30 years of cooking experience and hence it really made the usually mundane Chinese New Year Dishes come alive.


Overall, the taste of the Chinese New Year Dishes was considered quite localized but of better standard than some of the hotels in Penang. Parking is available at the basement of the hotel.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 6:00pm – 10:00pm dinner (7 days a week)
Contact: 04 – 6468000
Address: Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul, 213 Jalan Bukit Gambir, Bukit Jambul,11950 Penang
GPS: 5.3363323, 100.2893143

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