The Origin Of White Coffee – Ipoh Old Town

Usually we love to visit “Old Town” coffee shops and we like to order the so-called “white coffee” from the shops as they taste different from regular coffees. However, a lot of time the coffee from these places are 3-in-1 instant coffee instead of freshly brewed coffee.

Anyway, the place that I am going to introduce today is the place where all the White Coffee originated from. This is the place where “Old Town” started their business. The shop that I am visiting is located at the corner end of Ipoh Old Town. Just after the bridge from new town follow the first left turn until the end.

The name of the shop is called Nam Heong Coffee shop. I remember they renovated the shop 6 months ago but now it still looks like “those old days”.

The boss of the economic rice was posing while I had a snap of him.

I arrived 2:30pm. There were not much options left compared to lunch hours. I ordered chicken-slice rice noodle (hor fun) “鸡丝河粉” which is one of the famous delicacies in Ipoh. I still remember whenever I ordered this in “Old Town Coffee Shop” the taste was not that fresh and also not as delicious. However, this one gives me the feeling of originality. The soup has been boiled with prawn shells which made it sweeter  and full with seafood flavour. The price per bowl is RM3.50, if compared to the portion it’s slightly more expensive than Penang’s.

Another store owner was posing for the photo. This stall is selling Penang’s Hokkien Mee! However, usually I will not order Penang food if I’m in outstation.

Another familiar food – Chee Cheong Fun. Still it is not as good as those we have in Penang. The shrimp paste is not as delicious and the chee cheong fun (noodle) is using “hor fun” which is not that original.

Finally for the finale, Ipoh’s original freshly brewed white coffee. It tasted great with foam on top. However I still find that the coffee shop opposite this has a better taste. I have tried that one during my last trip back in 6 months’ time. Maybe I should blog on that shop on my next trip.

Overall most of the food here meet my taste bud except for some minor ones. Of course, this shall not dampen one’s hope to visit the real Ipoh Old Town.
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10 thoughts on “The Origin Of White Coffee – Ipoh Old Town”

  1. Hello Steven!!

    Actually i find the other coffee shop opposite Old Town is equally good also, the opposite corner lot… Sun Yuen Loong is the name of the shop and was told by Dav that the originator is actually SYL. The owner from Old Town came out from SYL and make it real big & famous. And the younger generation of Old Town got very ambitious & branch out their coffee to everywhere in Msia…. Should u ask the old folks in Ipoh, they will tell u SYL is the originator….. Aiyah it doesn’t matter to me actually and i have tried both. Both are also very good and food wise, i prefer Old Town coz more varieties and nothing much in SYL…..

  2. bb *Hi5* Hehehehe…. Hahaha me & Dav both prefer SYL coffee but my Dad likes nam heong…. But sadly SYL’s business is not as good as nam heong…. We actually spoke to the owner of the shop and he claims that he won’t franchise out his business woh…. But actually hor, they do have a coffee shop nearby Tropicana area also and no one knows!! lols….

  3. BB Community & Cazzycazz, wah… seems like we all got same taste leh. I seriously prefer the coffee from the stall opposite Nam Hong but I always forgotton the name of the shop until now only I know that is called SYL. Seriously I have to blog about that next round when I am going to Ipoh.

  4. Damm! I’m in Malacca. hundred miles away from those white coffee! My taste buds are craving for them right now. Wonder if they have deliveries straight from Ipoh to Malacca? Ha 😀

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  6. Dear Mr Steven Goh,
    Briefly I take this opportunity to say that your success is iconic and one could be proud off. In such a time where the world economy is spiralling downwards, your business model would certainly be recession proof. Sincerely appreciate if you could accept me as one of your many franchisee and perhaps with your permission and guidance we could excell towards achieving our goals. Warmest regards and a Happy New Year – Gong Xi Fa Chai!

  7. Hi Zaki,

    You are right, lately the resession has really has impacted our economic alot. As for getting the franchie I am not sure how to get also but if you want me to review the food of your restaurant, I am more than willing to try that out.


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