Famous Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng @ Dhoby Ghaut Cafe

For those looking for great food in Penang during night time, even after clubbing or thinking of having supper, Dhoby Ghaut Cafe is one of the late night stalls that operates during post-dinner hours.

The location of the Dhoby Ghaut Cafe is located at Sungai Nibong Kecil and it is just beside D’Aver Cafe. This particular stall is originally from Dhoby Ghaut Road, that is why the name of this coffee shop is also called Dhoby Ghaut Cafe. I don’t know why the signboard is putting up in Japanese word “食の屋”? may be one of the investors is Japanese.

This is a snap of the front stall. There are only 2 stalls available in this cafe, therefore you will never get the stall wrong. 

The price for normal Koay Teow Th’ng is RM2.50 per bowl. Even the dry maggi mee is RM 2.50. It is considered reasonable for the stall owner to work OT selling until late night.

Check out all crews here are happily working. All of them are laughing while cooking and serving. I love to have meal in this kind of environment, the food will taste nicer even it’s just a simple or plain serving compared to the stalls with sad and grumpy faces of people.

The first order, bee hoon soup with additional duck cube blood. Nice blood, for those who love to eat cube blood, this is a must to try as the softness and the taste of these duck blood are excellent. The combination of the duck meat and also the meat ball is just as great.

Next is the famous duck meat koay teow th’ng. The taste of the soup is exactly the same as the bee hoon soup. I believe it was cooked with the duck frame for long hours and that made the taste more ducky aroma. The main attraction is on the soup and the soft duck meat while the koay teow is another OEM from any bean sprouts stall.

For those who still not satisfied with your cravings for food, you can always order additional bean sprouts duck meat as your side dish. The duck meat is not baked or deep-fried as usual, instead it’s steamed. There are some differences, again it’s a thumbs-up for this.

This is one of the recomended stalls for nice food on late night in terms of taste and price.
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11 thoughts on “Famous Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng @ Dhoby Ghaut Cafe”

  1. Wow…a KTT stall that operates at night with my favourite duck cube blood, will visit it real soon.
    Another nice place to visit in the morning is the KTT stall in Carnavon Street that sells almost the same ingredients (it has recently shifted to the side lane).

  2. no doubt, i’ll go to this stall for my next Penang trip!

    1. when they are cooking, they joke and smile = good!
    2. the blood cube is very attracting!
    3. RM2.50 per bowl is very very very “reasonable”! in KL, at least need RM4 ~ RM5 liao!

  3. Ck Lam, Carnovon Street? near where? I am planing to have a visit there too.

    Bb Community, every time waiting for you to come Penang and introduce you around all the good food but you are so rush, no chance.

  4. my fav place… vist that place every week…
    if you happen to go there again, try the sotong goreng as well… perfecto!

  5. CK Lam, thanks for the sharing. With your post I can get to KTT Carnavon Street easier

    Will, excellento. You didn’t invite me there also.

  6. got mah, jio u once…
    but u went to the wrong shop.. remember?
    ended up you makan urself, i makan myself. then went to bailey’s

  7. hey stevie..
    been some time since i drop by. u alwis make me hungry while reading ur post!! tel me.. how i shld maintain or decrease my weight? seems like getting more and more plump than b4.. :S

  8. OMG!!! I’ve been looking for this stall forever!!! Does anybody know if it’s still at this location or has it moved again?

  9. Hi Zack, I haven’t been there for ages but I believe they are still around the same place which is located at the junction of Sungai Nibong Kecil

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