A Place For Romance And Relief @ The Ship

Well, again it is not my usual style to recommend famous and well-known restaurants. However, I have to recommend this place due to its nice service and great environment. For those who are looking for pleasant environment to chit-chat while having dinner, this is an excellent place to be. The name of this restaurant is called “The Ship”.

Before you enter the restaurant, the outlook has already told you the name of this restaurant. The restaurant is actually built into a ship structure and in Penang this is the only “The ship” with the entire ship structure.

I was once told by my friend that The Ship only serves foreigners. But instead there are many locals who dined there too. During my friend’s patronage to this restaurant, his order took him 30 minutes to prepare and when they ordered for sky juice, the waiter served them with dark faced. However, in my experience it’s totally different. I only waited for 10 minutes for my food to arrive and the captain also did some heat check on us twice for their overall service and food. May be I look like foreigner? Arrigato!!!

This time I have ordered “Tenderloin Sizzling Steak” and also “Black Mushroom Steak”. Both are at the price of RM38.90.

For the Sizzling Steak, you will be tied with a napkin around your neck before you started your meal.

Bowl of salad as appetizer which the bowl looks exactly like the one in “Coliseum Cafe”. Nothing much to comment on the salad as it is just like the usual salad.

The bun looks like a normal one but in fact it is not. This is because it’s served hot from the oven and the aroma of the bread is so tempting. With a slice of New Zealand butter, it actually melts into your mouth.

Creamy mushroom soup, again nothing much to comment on this usual soup. 

This one I got comment, the ship also OEM their “premium quality” chili sauce. Actually it tastes the same as “tupai” (squirrel) brand chili sauce.

Although they claim to have “The Best Steak in Town”, after I tasted the Tenderloin Sizzling Steak, I find that Coliseum Cafe still owns the title of “Best Steak”. The textile is nice but not as tender as the one at Coliseum Cafe. The brown sauce is good for Penang standard as you can’t find anywhere else with such sauce, just that I still prefer the one at Coliseum Cafe.

Nice presentation for the “Black Mushroom Steak” I love the way they place all the food. Neat and well served. The brown sauce and the steak could have been better.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

12 thoughts on “A Place For Romance And Relief @ The Ship”

  1. It’s been sometime since my last visit to this lovely place. Looks like the cabin of the ship is nicely decorated too.
    I always like their idea of providing their customers with a napkin to tie round the neck when sizzling food are being serve… It’s a good sign that they are still doing it 🙂

  2. wa~ i never been there before, my gf keep telling me to go there. i shall learn to love western food liao, else everytime also go chinese food restaurant to celebrate, haha~

  3. BS Steven, i had the worst fillet mignon i hv ever come across in my whole life. And that is prime cut, my friend. It was stringy, chewy like rubber, i couldnt swallow it. Horrible horrible experience. Not fit even for my dogs. The manager never answered my complaint. Though i must admit they had better food and service 10 years back. IT has declined since. Wished they would bring back the Bombe Alaska.

  4. ck lam, it’s true I love the environment and the service there. However the food just so so.

    bb community, you should change your taste sometime. Too many chinese food will make your gf boring and dull.

    kalei, sorry to hear that you had such an bad experience. Have you write into complain yet? I think we should voice out if it really bad.

  5. Gosh shouldn’t have come to your blog at this hour, im drooling & hungry!! lols….. I hv not been to The Ship in Penang but in KL, the standard has really dropped…. But i guess i wanna try out the one in Penang…. 🙂

  6. The ship! Seems like a good place to dine. But then will it be at risk of sinking just like titanic? How about being hijacked by pirates? Just like the 2 fleets of Malaysian’s ships fate in Somalia? ha =) Anyway happy dining to everyone.

  7. cazzycazz, actually I just love the environment and services there only while the food just so so.

    tekkaus, don’t worry they didn’t carry any petroleum or gold. Moreover tsunami haven’t hit this place on the previous occasion.

  8. The last time I walked past The SHIP was in late 90s where they used to put up waitress and waiter all dressed in black -shirt and black pants trying to entice passersby into the SHIP restaurant. It was around 7pm+ and I thought i saw either dressed up vampires, ghosts or robbers as I was a tourist walking alone. I clutched my bag and walked away real fast not knowing these are the SHIP’s staff/crew. I did not try their meals and I have never tried any of the SHIP meals in KL as well. One time is enuf to put me off completely. The staff then did not promote anything except giggled and poked fun at each other while standing on the street. Quite strange experience which I will remember for a long time.

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