The Only Fermented Bean Curd Stall in Penang @ Inderwasih, Prai

A lot of people said that to be a food blogger is a very easy task. You only need to put the food into your mouth and write out the taste and that’s all. However, it is not as easy as what you think. If there is a food which looks and smells weird like for example fried scorpion or steam green snake, will you eat these stuff? Will you be so excited to try such food or will you just stay away from the food and pretend that you didn’t see it? For me I will be very excited. If you are the one that will ignore the food and walk away, you are definitely not qualified to be a food blogger. A true food blogger will not just willing to try on the nice food but also bad or stinky food as long as it is edible.

Below is one of the example of a stinky but taste good food. The smell of the food is just like your unwanted and stinky boots leaving in the stall for weeks, but the taste is nice. That’s right, it is the fermented bean curd (臭豆腐). Not much people will love the taste of fermented bean curd due to the extreme smell. However, the taste of fermented bean curd is more sweet compare to the usual bean curd.

There are not much places in Penang selling fermented bean curd, so far there is only one place I found in Prai at Taman Inderwasih food court. The other one is located at Sungai Puyu, but I am not sure about the location as the information was provided by my friend. If anyone of you know where the location is please do update me.

The stall here is owned by a Taiwanese, and it operates 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm. For those who love the taste of fermented bean curd, this is a good place to try out. In fact the stall has the “Ho Chiak!” logo, might be the Ho Chiak team has visited and recommended them.

The place to fry the bean curd is at another location so that the smell will not affect the other customers here.

Although the smell and taste of the fermented bean curd at this stall is not as great as in Taiwan, still it is considered up to standard.

The price is per plate is RM4 for a few slices of bean curd. I find it a bit too high but it could be due to its rarity in Penang

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5 thoughts on “The Only Fermented Bean Curd Stall in Penang @ Inderwasih, Prai”

  1. Steven,

    Besides this one and the one in Sungai Puyu as you mentioned. There is another place selling fermented bean curd and it is nearby. Do look for Restoran Toipark Village at Chai Leng Park, similar row as Leng Gaik Hokkien Mee and just few shops away from Hai-O shop.

    Check out their fermented (stinky) tofu and also Spicy Hot Wok. To us, they really prove a challenge for those who like Spicy food. Tam Ciak always sweat everytime we had that… hehehhe

  2. Wow! I’ve never eaten this food in my whole life! Will try it out if I have a chance to visit Penang again. How abt Malacca? Do you guys know where I can taste this? Ha =)


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