Another Good Place For Cendol @ Cendol House Desa Permai

As a blogger, I do understand the feeling of “Gosh, I am out of idea for my new posts”. I believe every blogger has been through this and faces such challenge. To write a post is nothing difficult. But to write one that will capture readers’ interests is where the headache part comes in. Recently, my best buddy blogger BBMarketplace is facing such problem. Hanging in between interest and also commercial blogging. Writing post of own interests will never earn you a single cent, but this will encourage more readers to your blog. While commercial post will only push readers away when they read that. Surely, there are questions like “why do I still keep posting?” and “what is my purpose of writing post?” appearing in all the bloggers’ mind. For those that love blogging, please help BBMarketplace to bring back his blogging spirit. 

Back to my interest which is again eating, today is a Cendol shop at Desa Permai, Bukit Mertajam. If Penang Street Teow Chew Cendol is number one in Penang Island, this will be the best in B.M Town and Prai. 

This particular shop rest on Monday. The price for a bowl of cendol is RM1.50 for dining-in, while take away is RM1.60. Not sure why take away is more expensive. May be they incurred the cost of plastic bag?

The Indian auntie who prepares cendol in front of the stall, while the boss sits at the counter for money collection. At least, this shop didn’t make use of Indonesians or Banglas to take care of his stall. They really have a high spirit of “cinta Malaysia” (love Malaysia) by hiring local staffs.

The shop also sells Laksa which I feel it’s just a regular laksa, so didn’t talk much about that. Below is the picture of the cendol with freshly brewed icing and also pandan slices. This is so refreshing on a hot sunny day.

The cendol came with optional glutinous rice or with extra cendol pandan slices, with this option I feel that it is unique compared to the cendol in Penang which usually does not offer that.

The owner also offer additional FREE service that allows his guests to place their business cards on the notice board. It is a way of free advertising for public. 

Those who feel your life has been threatened, no worries. Police officer is very near by. I even see the police station business card stick at the notice board. 

Overall, the taste of the cendol is good but still I find that Penang Street Teow Chew Cendol is the best. However the creativeness with glutinous rice really adds some additional points to this stall.

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  1. hi steven… nice meeting you on the 2nd flogger gathering… you are a great guy on blogging.

    Nice to have you with us…… hee hee…..

    aiks… why i can’t see my link on urs.. hmm…. so sad….

  2. Criz, if you want I can tapao for you one and by the time I bring to you it might be already HOT cendol. May be we can invent this for the people that prefer hot instead of iced.

    PenangTuaPui, paiseh…. last time didn’t know you so haven’t place you in my blogroll. Anyway, you are now at my top list 🙂

  3. If you are looking for best cendol in PJ/Subang, pls visit the dessert stall in Jusco Sunway Pyramid, it is Originally from Penang Road Famous Cendol and Ais Kacang. LG2 inside Jusco Supermarket.

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