The Curve – Charms Cafe is About Lifestyle

Have you all been to Charms cafe at The Curve? Well, there is a reason why I am mentioning Charm Cafe is About Lifestyle. 

  1. The environment and design are very cozy and is an ideal place for relaxation. You will find this place very similar to the scene shown on Travel and Living Channel.
  2. This place was introduced to me by a group of designers and therapists as we know that these people are really into lifestyle serious business. By the way, be prepared to cash out plenty from your wallet as designing comes with price.

Wikipedia GPS location of The Curve, Damansara:

Check out the entrance of this restaurant, it’s like a combination of Thai + Vietnam + Nonya with modern design. In fact, the serving menu comes with a pair of bells.


Charms Mayo Dip is the name of the dish below. The main ingredients of this dish are mayonnaise, of course and also some cheese. The method to eat is shown at the picture below as well, take a slice of bread and apply the mayo dip on top of the bread. Whoop… there you go, the most easiest recipe to make a mayo cheese bread. This is a very common dish but still not much restaurants are serving it.

 Seafood Fried Rice, this is my main course. The food presentation is very nice and it is served in a classical Chinese plate and it’s well arranged. I believe the boss might have graduated from Designing U. However, the taste of this dish is a little too sweet. I am not sure if the cook had put too much sugar or it might be the sweetness from the tomato gravy. 

Stuffed Tau Foo Pok made in the shape of meat ball the lower part consists of tau foo and the topper part is minced meat and the inner part, you can find salted duck egg yolk. The taste of this dish is nice and something new to me.

Green Curry Noodle unfortunately I was unable to taste much of this dish. I was able to take some noodle and soup from my webmaster. By the way, he is also a food reviewer. You can trust his taste also. According to him, the curry is not spicy enough and the taste of soup is just “so-so”. Therefore, for those of you who want spiciness you might have to reconsider. 

Lamb Charmer, finally I have saved the best for last. For the charming person please order this. I find that is the best of all. No wonder the owner introduced this to us. Both the food and presentation are excellent. I love the taste of the lamb and also the design of the stove which looks like tiger….. or might be a cat. Anyway, only designer knows how to explain this. One thing to be aware of, do not place your meat on the stove for too long. Else you will end up eating charcoaled meat. The picture below illustrates how to place the meat on the leaf for serving also shown as below.    

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Food Presentation

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  1. Ya, you all can go to KL again this weekend for nice food and I will be staying here *sigh*. Btw, do take the pictures and story of nice food for me.

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