Jln T.A.R – Best Steak in town, Coliseum Cafe & Hotel

Here comes Coliseum Cafe & Hotel, a very old-fashioned Cafe cum Hotel which exists for like more than 30-40 years. Usually owners would have undergone several renovations for such long period, but not this one… It still maintains as how it was when it was first set up.

It is located between Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Lorong Tunku Abdul Rahman 4 in Kuala Lumpur. The street is famous for fabrics and cloths and of course not to miss out Kamdar (note that there are 2 Kamdars along the road). Colisum Cafe is just located right after the 2nd Kamdar shop.

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The uniqueness of this cafe is it gives you the dining feel back to 30 years ago with all the furniture at an ageing state but still well-maintained. Most of the staff have been working there since they were like 17 until now nearly 70 and are very experienced.

And of course, they serve one of the BEST steaks in town! At a price range between RM25-RM55, you get to choose 10 different types from the menu, from grilled to sizzling plates. If you are not into beef, there are still plenty of choices to choose from: Fish, Chicken, Italian Pasta. They only serve Western food and are Halal.

My focus will be on the steak. I have ordered a sizzling steak set for around RM35 and is recommended by the waiter. It is served in sizzling plate with brown sauce. First, they serve you with a bowl of appetizer (salad). While enjoying it, the waiter will push a trolley containing the preparations of the sizzling steak. He will then cook it in front of you. He will pour the hot brown sauce into the uncooked meat. Since I have ordered it to be half-done, it was done very quickly and within seconds, I have been served with my steak.

The preparation is simple but the taste is excellent! With only a whole tomato and the steak on the sizzling plate, they are more than enough to fill your stomach up. Believe me, it is not easy to prepare a steak with good brown sauce, you really need to be skillful on that. The meat is so succulent and the brown sauce, you just can’t taste anywhere better except here at Coliseum Cafe! By looking at the brown sauce, you know that it tastes good. If the brown sauce is not enough, feel free to add in more Lea & Perrins sauce from the table.

Red meat, especially a cut cooked on the rare side, is a good match for an elegant red wine. I have ordered for a red house wine and it came with a miniature wine bottle, cute!

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7 thoughts on “Jln T.A.R – Best Steak in town, Coliseum Cafe & Hotel”

  1. Must you describe everything in details? They make me hungry already and its midnite now…there’s no plane flying out to Penang now lol!

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  3. Hello,
    I’ve been surfing your food website/blog since only today and I’m reallyimpressed by all the very good hints and addresses.
    The only thing were I’m not really following your line is on the western food thing.
    As I’m myself a European gwailo, I’m really a epicurean amateur and lover regarding authentic French/Spanish/Italian/Belgian and even [some] Germanic food.
    Not going to eat western in Penang though as it will be really overpriced and not up to basic quality standards.
    I’m eating Penang food in Penang. Period.

    Just my 2 sen,
    Cheers mate,

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