Petaling Jaya SS2 – Claypot Chinese Ratatouille

This week I will be staying in Petaling Jaya SS2. We are here for the whole week for training. Today morning we are having our breakfast at Restaurant Hock Thai. The location is just the walking distance from Jasmine Tower.

Wikimapia GPS link as below:

According to the local resident here the only best foods here are BBQ Pork Bao – “Char Xiao Bao”(叉烧包) and Claypot Chinese Ratatouille – “Shar Bou Lou Xu Fan” (瓦煲老鼠粉). Claypot Chinese Ratatouille is actually named by me so that when “Mat Salleh” (White guy) can order easily. By the way, if anyone of you know what this dish in English, please let me know.

Actually the stall also selling Claypot Noodle, Pork Mee and Hong Kong Fish Pasta. The rest are also not bad, however the recomemded still the Claypot Chinese Ratatouille. There is a raw egg place on top of the dish where the heat from the noodle and claypot will cook the egg until half boiled.

This dish is very unique, where so far in Penang it is sometime very new. The taste of gravy is similar to Wan Tan Mee gravy. It needs to serve hot, once cold the taste will become not fresh as the egg is not fully cooked.

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2 thoughts on “Petaling Jaya SS2 – Claypot Chinese Ratatouille”

  1. Dearest Steven,

    Welcome friend to my Jasmine Tower home!! Fancy getting to know about you from your blog before i even have a chance to meet up with you!

    I have heard so much about you from before you reach KL to during your time in KL and eventually reading about you from your blog (which was told to me by Keng Ling…)

    Really looking forward to meet you because all the girls think that you are a FULL TIME joke bag! You are so full of jokes and you are just giving them a swinging time!

    And oh yes, thanks for recommending my fav kopitiam at SS2 in your blog. Alicia and I will go there very often for our meals because it is the nearest on foot from Jasmine Tower. 🙂

    Hope Jasmine is comfy enough for you and am looking forward to see you really SOON!

    Hugs…….. 🙂 Jaq

  2. Hi Jaq,

    Thanks for your comment, I takes is as a complement on full time joke bag. Actually, is depends on people that I will make jokes with. Is only with the people that I feel comfortable. By the way, thanks a lot for offering us (the homeless penang guys) a place to stay. I am looking forward on meeting you. Is my pleasure to know you 🙂

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