The Best Tai Lok Mee In Town – Tong Hooi Coffee Shop

Tai Lok Mee is also known as Hokkien Mee in KL, usually when talking about Tai Lok Mee, KL has the best of all. However, recently I found out there is a place in Penang which offers fantastic Tai Lok Mee comparable to KL standard. 

The actual location of this coffee shop is just beside Honolulu Pub, at Jalan Dato Keramat. The name of the coffee shop is called “Tong Hooi”.

Wikimapia GPS location as below:

At night this coffee shop is only open for this particular stall. It is located in front of the coffee shop. Check out this stall, it’s only selling Tai Lok Mee and Char Hor Fun. Anyway, the famous one is his Tai Lok Mee. The owner is from KL and came all the way to Penang. Usually, most of the hawkers are fighting their way from Penang to KL to earn a living and seldom we will see folks from KL to Penang unless they sell very good food else you won’t survive for long.

Check out the speed of this stall owner’s hand, it’s faster then the bullet train. He can really beat the goddess of thousand hands.

This is the Tai Lok Mee that I have been mentioning. By the way, the price per plate is RM4, it’s KL standard. However, the portion also very big with 3 big fresh prawn. For those who used to order double portion, a single plate of this will cure you from starving.

I love this Tai Lok Mee is simply because the taste of the mee is so smooth and mixture of gravy is just nice that the mee is just right to absorb all the taste and it’s not too salty. For ladies who are cautious of their diet, you have to manually pick out the “pork fat” in the mee. Anyway, that is the main essential ingredient which makes this Tai Lok Mee so tasty.

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  3. Those planning to visit the new site take note they open around 3 pm and finish by 6 pm. You go after 7pm “chiak ka kee”

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