Shanghai10 – Service Still Need To Improve

I have been to Shanghai 10 (上海天)several times mostly for lunch during working days. However, after my last visit to this place, I can’t wait to write another complaint about it.

For those who are not sure where Shanghai 10 is, it is located on the same level (3rd floor) as GSC Cinema in Queensbay Mall, Penang. It is just right inside Central Park where the roller-skating rink is. See below the picture where the restaurant is overlooking the roller-skating rink:

Shanghai10, the name already tells you that it serves Shanghainese food. It is the cheaper version of the infamous Dragon-i Restaurant 龙的传人(also in Queensbay Mall). The price over here is much cheaper. However, with the higher price over at Dragon-i, you can taste the difference of the food quality.

The “La-Mien” (拉面 – hand-made Chinese “pull” noodles) are almost half of the price of its competitor. However, the La-Mien over here is not purely hand-made, but rather an OEM version. Still, it is acceptable with the price of only RM7.80 for the “Hot and Spicy La-Mien” (酸辣汤面). The soup is a mixture of spicy and sour which is common among Chinese dishes. Usually people will order Spicy and Sour Soup (酸辣汤)which can help to warm up the body during winter.

If you are in Shanghainese restaurant, you must try its Shanghai Soup Dumpling (上海小笼包). It is a famous dish by itself but it depends whether the chef is good at making it. Again in this restaurant they don’t have a chef to make it but it is from the OEM version again. The taste is still acceptable although not as good as Dragon-i’s, but the price is the same which is RM8 for 4 pieces.

I didn’t manage to capture the food as I have tried it several times prior to this visit. However, this time we tried the Snow Ice Sweet Mango Sago which is quite nice and refreshing.


Now come to the negative part. This visit really disappoints me. We were there on Wednesday for lunch right before noon and there were hardly any patrons at that time. While we were seated no one came to us for order until we have to wave to the waitress twice before she finally get to us. Let me show you which waitress I am going to complain about:

Correct, that’s the one standing behind the green balloon. I wonder if she was having a bad hair day or something as her service on that day was really bad. While she was taking our order, she never repeated it as we have 9 of us over there. She didn’t even place the order on our table as what they would normally do to ensure that they won’t miss out any orders.

  1. We ordered several drinks however they all came in the wrong order. A single order became double order. Other orders are missed out and are not taken down at all.
  2. I ordered Chinese tea, she jotted down the order. However after serving everyone with their drinks, I am still left with none. After calling for the waitress thrice, only she came with my drink. The explanation was: they forgot to serve me!
  3. I also ordered the Hot and Spicy Noodle together with a colleague. Everyone’s order was served except ours. We waited for 20 more minutes but still no sign of our noodle. We checked with one waiter and he ensured us by going back to the system to check. Another 10 more minutes and still nothing came. We asked for another waitress and she went back to check on the system and returned to us by asking “Did you order the hot & spicy soup or hot & spicy noodle?” Our blood started rushing up as this showed that they made a mistake with our order. If they have taken the order as “soup” instead of “noodle”, where is the soup after 30 minutes when everyone has almost finished with their meals? And, how could she made a mistake when we ordered separately? After 10 minutes finally our noodles came.

We were not satisfied with their service and insisted to talk to their person-in-charge. They called for the waitress who took our order and we sought her explanation. She made it sounded like she has done nothing wrong. We pointed out everything mentioned above and she explained that we ordered that way. After all the explanation, she didn’t apologize until my friend had to openly sought an apology from her….

Despite its food, the service was really bad and what I can say is Customers is not their priority! They do not know how to delight their customers!

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  1. see, the main thing i rate a restaurant is based on their service. Service good, food lousy, nvm, full star! Service bad, food good, i’ll “kanneh” in my blog! wakaka~

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