Sunday Day Out at Occupy Beach Street

For those looking for some family outing during the weekend, Occupy Beach Street is an ideal choice. Part of Beach Street will be closed from driving vehicles to make way for this event. Only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed into the area. Occupy Beach Street is held every Sunday from 7:00am – 1:00pm.


Project Occupy Beach Street is in conjunction with Penang “Car Free Day” where the public is encouraged to walk or cycle in Penang’s heritage area.


The weekly Cultural, Art & Crafts market will be held at this event. The focus is more on local accessories, souvenirs, handmade crafts, homemade products and more.


For animal lovers you are encouraged to adopt some kittens or puppies as they are looking for a loving home.


It could be near to their feeding time and all the puppies were looking at the same direction.


The huge Snake and Ladder board game which is a popular game during our childhood. However, this coming generation may not be aware of this game as they are mostly glued to the computer or mobile games. It is good that Occupy Beach Street is re-introducing this game to the public.


At Occupy Beach Street this board game has been transformed into a life-sized board game. Instead of using tokens, the player has to move by the number of squares as indicated by the huge die roll.


You will find most of the people are friendly and harmonious. Due to the upcoming Bon Odori event, there were some girls wearing yukata as well.


Even Justice Pao from Tang Dynasty was spotted on Occupy Beach Street.


Not to mention, Superman from Planet Krypton also paid a visit.



The snake charmer was playing and kissing the snake. Kids at home, please do not attempt to follow this dangerous movement.


Besides the costume and cosplay, there were also a lot of talented musicians performing here. It is interesting to find a group of musicians using traditional instruments to make music.


Modern vocalist and guitarist is a common scene here too.


The best musician goes to this gentleman who claimed to have traveled to Europe to perform based on invitations. His aim is for charity purpose and not into making money. He is “one of a kind” musician who utilizes recycled aluminium cans, kettles and cooking pots and transformed into musical instruments.


There were some family bicycles for rent as well.


If you want to let your kid to have some different yet memorable experience, you may consider face art.


Ranging from RM5 to RM8, you can have a nice drawing on your kid’s face. By the way, the paint used is non-toxic and is safe for young children.


Besides face painting, there was a very unique traditional massage. The massage was done using 2 blades. According to the masseuse, this is a very efficient method to relieve stiff neck and migraine.


This place is a haven for kids, there are kiddie rides available as well.


Giant bubbles were floating in the air.


Kids just couldn’t get enough of bubbles.


Just a few hundred meters away from Beach Street, there is another interesting event at Esplanade.


The Transformers are in town. The life-sized Optimus Prime is standing at the far end of the field.


Next to the Prime is the Bumble Bee which is also being showcased at Esplanade.


Overall, if you are looking for a great family hangout, do check out Occupy Beach Street on Sundays.

Operation hours: 7:00am – 1:oopm (Sunday Only)
Contact: 012-4302251
Address: Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh Bishop, Lebuh Gereja & Gat Lebuh Gereja
GPS: 5.415099,100.339043

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