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What is thinking out of the box? In real world, there are a lot of problems for us to solve. Some of which might require logical thinking. However, many times the problem remained unsolved although we applied our logical thinking. This is when “thinking out of the box” or “creative thinking” will help to solve the problem.

There are 2 methods to acquire the skill creative thinking. The first one is by inheritance. The second method is by training, reading and practicing. One of the places where you can train your creative mind by solving the puzzles at Break The Code.


Break the code, or better known as BTC offers “escape the room” experience by searching the clues and solving puzzles within a time limit. Their unique game offers an experience that will definitely keep your mind occupied! If you like answering riddles, solving puzzles , looking for challenges and want to be the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, this game is just for you! 



There are many puzzles from the list which you can choose from:

1. Da Vinci – Take this chance to uncover a hidden map and the secrets beneath Da Vinci’s paintings.

2. Mission Stealth – Be an agent to steal a life threatening virus in Mission Stealth : Biohazard Virus.

3. Indiana Jones – Aspired to be another Indiana Jones and hunt for secret relics?

4. Lost – Ever tried to be stranded in the Amazon? Survive and find your way out in our Lost.

5. Code Red – Mayday! Mayday! Stop the missile from launching!


6. Pontianak – Do you dare to enter the abandoned house haunted by a Pontianak and explore your way out this haunting Halloween? Rumors surrounding the abandoned house have circulated for decades. A pregnant lady is said to be brutally murdered and since then have roamed around in the night. Disbelieve with the story, you and yours friends decided to check it out but she didn’t welcome you well. Locked and stranded in the house, you will need to explore your way out before something bad happens.

There’s another one which is very special:

7. Ghost Bomber – My team and I were assigned to solve the bombing crime mystery and defuse the bomb in time. It was an outdoor game and the duration was 90 minutes.

For more about this outdoor session you’ve to go visit and enquire for more! 🙂


My team.


Teams who had successfully solved the puzzle will be featured on their “Hall Of Fame”.


The price list for Break The Code:

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The game takes about an hour or more. For bookings:

Phone number: 04-2280684




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