Wine Fiesta 2015 @ Macalister Mansion, Macalister Road

Chilling with unlimited flow of red, white wines and Champagne has always been a great enjoyment. How often do we get to encounter this kind of opportunity, unless during special occasions. Wine Fiesta 2015, is one of the grand occasions for public to have a taste of over 100 featured wines across the continents for an all-round, enriching experience.


It has been an honour to be invited to this prestigious and extravagant event where we got to meet some great people with a common interest.

There were eight wine distributors who took this opportunity to display their best and unique wines for tasting. If you like what you are tasting, you can even purchase the bottle of wine at a cheaper price.


During that day, Macalister Mansion was so happening like never before. Every single corner was packed with people.


There were live bands at both dinning area and living room.


Other than the wine suppliers showcasing their best of wines, there were also some suppliers exhibiting wine containers and holders to complement the event.


Canapé was being served all night long which was great as a finger food.


The wine collection at the cellar was also available for sale.


The staff were busy preparing and cleaning the glasses during the wine tasting session.


The expected crowd was so huge that the organizer had a canopy extended out of the mansion to cater for the session.


The showcase of the wines ranging from Chateau to Pinot Noir.


Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon were available as well.


Ever popular ones like Merlot and Shiraz definitely would not be missed out.


Each of the showcase at this event had its own identity and uniqueness. It catered for every tastebud, be it mild or full bodied. The is one of the most fruitful events for wine lovers. I had been told by Macalister Mansion management that this event will be held every year. I am already looking forward to it with much anticipation.

Address: 228, Jalan Macalister, 11400 Penang.

: 04-2283888

GPS location
: 5.4208356, 100.318737

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