Stone Bay Restaurant, Jelutong – Trending and Spacious Dining Place

For those who always hunt for Chinese cuisine, surely you will know there is this restaurant which is quite trending in town. The restaurant is no other than Stone Bay.

It is not hard to locate this restaurant. If you are driving through Lebuh Raya Jelutong or Lim Chong Eu Expressway from Penang Bridge heading to town, you will see Shell Petrol Station is on your right before arriving to the exit of Sungai Pinang. Just a few stones throw from the Shell Petrol Station, you will surely see Stone Bay Restaurant is at the same row as the petrol station. To go to this restaurant, you will need to make a right “U” turn under the flyover of the Sungai Pinang exit. Keep driving until you see the Shell Petrol Station on your left, then make a left turn to the row of shoplots and you will find your way to Stone Bay Restaurant.

Claypot Pork Slices Fried with Salted Fish – RM25, the pork slices were marinated with dark soy sauce, together with salted fish, onion, garlic, dried chili, capsicum and some herb leaves. It was then cooked in claypot until dried and thick.

This dish had a very strong aroma of salted fish and herb leaves. It has the combination of dark soy sauce which made it slightly sweet and salty. This dish is very nice and is one of my favorites.

Deep Fried Lemon Honey Chicken – RM25, the chicken were cut into pieces, battered and deep fried. It was than mixed with lemon juice, lemon sauce and honey.

The was a sweet dish overall and the texture of the chicken slices was very crunchy. It is very suitable for kids and children. It is not my cup of tea perhaps due to the sweetness of the dish.

Home Made Two Colored Tofu – RM20, this dish was served in 2 colours of bean curd, one was the usual pale yellow while the other one was in black. The pale yellow bean curd was a homemade tofu which was deep fried before bringing it to steam. The black colored tofu was made of bamboo charcoal. It was then cooked with light soy sauce then topped with dried cuttle fish slices and spring onion.

The usual tofu was crunchy on the outer layer while the inner layer melted in your mouth. On the other hand, the bamboo charcoal tofu was soft all the way. You will feel some texture in the tofu but that is normal as the it is mixture with charcoal. The tofu blended in very well with the aroma of fried cuttle fish and the soy sauce. Excellent dish.

Stir Fried Four Season Sprout with Minced Meat – RM20, a very simple dish with green sprouts pan fried with minced meat and pickled vegetable and soy paste.

The taste of this dish was normal. However, the fragrance of the wok was very nice and the texture of the green sprouts was very crunchy while the sour taste of the pickled vegetable was very appetizing.

Red Snapper Cooked with Sourish Turmeric Curry – RM54, the common name of this dish is also called red snapper gulai tumis. The red snapper fish was steamed with sourish turmeric curry. It was then topped with mint leaves, chili slices and onion slices.

The curry was not very spicy and was slightly sweet. If you are not a sweet tooth or a diabetic, this dish might not be preferable. However, it might be ideal for children.

Roasted Peking Duck, 1/2 portion – RM22, the duck was first marinated then roasted until the skin was crispy.

The skin of the duck was so crispy and with some slight fat which made the overall texture crispy and juicy. It was a very delightful dish. The duck meat blended very well with the sauce provided. This dish is suitable for all range of age in the family. It is also one of my preferred dishes.

Overall, some of the dishes are good but not all. You need to be wise on your choices. As for the pricing all the above dishes inclusive drinks and peanuts is about RM213 inclusive tax. There are plentiful of parking space in front of the restaurant. Pre-ordering for the dishes is advisable as the waiting time for additional dishes during the dining time can take a very long time. The servers here are friendly and approachable.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm; 6.00pm – 10.30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04 282 1111
Address: 12 Tingkat Satu, Fortune Park, Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong 2, 11600 Jelutong, Pinang.
GPS: 5° 39′ 59.70″ N, 100° 32′ 41.34″ E

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