Berlin’s Bier Houz, Straits Quay – Eat and Drink Like German

Straits Quay is the latest hangout in Penang. This place is packed with people from all walks of life especially on weekends.

The decoration of Chinese New Year is still around although it is already over 3 weeks.

Straits Quay is located at Seri Tanjung Pinang. The place is part of the development project by E & O group, the master-planned of waterfront community on Penang’s northeast coast.

Not to introducing too much on Strait Quay, actually my main focus today is how to eat and drink like a German? There are quite a number of places in Penang that serve German food. However, some places only serve specific dishes on a particular day of the week, which lacks of flexibility for the customers. Whereas some do not emphasize on ambience and play Chinese and Korean songs instead. Not to mention most of them are so pricey that my pocket is bursting out with blood after dining there.

The place that I am introducing below serves every dish round the week, plays nice German music at an affordable price and most importantly, they serve German draft beer.

It is not difficult to locate Berlin’s Bier Houz. Once you have arrived at Straits Quay main entrance turn to right wing and walk for another 30 meters on the outer corridor and you will soon see a shop with a big Lowenbreu logo in front.

There are few sections at Berlin’s Bier Houz, the first section is the pub area where there are high tables and chairs. It is designed for drinking session.

The second section is the dining area for customers to enjoy their meals. Obviously the dining tables and chairs are lower.

The third third section is the outdoor dining area which is also the smoking area. It is just beside the quay where you will be able to view the scenery.

The menu of Berlin’s Bier Houz.

Lowenbrau Original (1 pin) – RM30.  To drink like a German, firstly you need to love the German Beer. The beer is very smooth and the bitterness of this beer is much lesser compared to some of the commercial beers around. The beer has slight sweet ending. Anyway, with such a hot weather recently, this beer really chills the throat down.

Ice Blended Cappucino/ Chocolate – RM10.00. For those teetotaler, you might want to consider the ice blended drinks here. This beverage is so thick with chocolate and it is topped with cream and some chocolate topping. Slurp.

German Pork Knuckle Whole RM43.00; 1/2 portion RM25.00. To eat like a German, you need to enjoy pork as Germans are No. 1 pork consumer in the world. However their steak are much degraded compared to other European Countries.

The picture shown below is actually 1/2 portion of the pork knuckle. Just imagine if you ordered the whole portion, you can eat it for 2 days. The way of preparing the German style pork knuckle is first marinate the pork with salt, pepper, caraway and crushed garlic. It is then transferred to a roasting pan to cook and later to oven to grill.

The tenderness of the inner part of the pork was slightly chewy, while the outer part was very crunchy. The meat was a bit dry overall but the taste was great and the portion was huge. The is one of my favorites.

Pork Burger with Cheese – RM16.80. Marinated minced pork patty coated with cheese, topped with lattuce, pickled zucchini  and chuck of fries.

The pork patty was so juicy and tender. It really mixed well with the sourness of pickled zucchini which boosts the appetite of dinning, while the melted coating cheese made the burger rich and tasty. The taste of this dish is a thumbs up. The only drawback is the portion provided is way too small and it is only 3-4 mouthful for me.

Berlin’s Special Pork Ribs – RM27.80. richly marinated pork ribs with spices and slowly smoked. It is topped with their homemade barbecue sauce while served with mashed potato, some lettuce,  broccoli,  tomato and some corns as garnish.

The tenderness of the meat was medium soft, the aroma of the spices was nice while the sauce blended very well with the meat.

Grilled Pork Chop – RM25.80. Grilled pork chop with apple sauce, together it was served with meshed potato, some lettuce,  broccoli,  tomato and some corns.

The tenderness of the meat was nice but the apple sauce didn’t blend in very well with the pork chop and the taste was just normal. Again, the portion was too small that I can finish in 3 – 4 bites.

Overall, the ambience and atmosphere is very classy and relaxing. It is a good place to hang out with a few friends after work. As for the food here, you need to be wise in ordering your food. Some of the dishes are worth the money and tasty while others are in small portion yet the taste is not up to par. For those who are planning to visit this place during Friday or weekend dinner time, please call for reservation. Most of the time this place will be full.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Taste (depending on dishes)

(depending on dishes)

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:30 am – 1:00 am (Mon – Thurs, Sun);11:30 am – 2:00 am (Fri – Sat)
Contact: 04-899 8887
Address:3E-G-3B, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong 10470 Penang
GPS: 5° 45′ 75.55″ N, 100° 31′ 31.19″ E

10 thoughts on “Berlin’s Bier Houz, Straits Quay – Eat and Drink Like German”

  1. When we went , after hearing good comments about berlin’s , of course we had to try the pork knuckle. the two of us had a soup, which was luke warm – utterly disappointing, followed by the pork knuckle – which was not warm, like it was left on the counter for a longgggg time, and we had pasta aglio olio. Enough said, we wouldnt go there again.

    the pork knuckle was too dry. and for dessert we had a slice of cake which was half the size of a cake in other outlets and the price – RM 10 !!!

  2. Everel, it’s seem like not your day at all. So far, I won’t comment much on other item but for me, I really enjoy the pork knuckle which to me is nice and served warm. May be you should have talk to the boss instead.

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