Special Edition of Earth Hour 60 Malaysia @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

28th of March 2009 was a very special day which was the Earth Hour 60 and this event was highly publicized on TV, radio stations and newspapers by WWF. Their mission is to get as many households and businesses as possible to turn off non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards climate change and global warming. This is a very meaningful event that I have participated.

After turning off my house lights, I decided to head for Queensbay Mall to check out the situation there. To my surprise, many households participated in this event. There were several apartments near Lip Sin which were in darkness, most units had their main lights turned off. I felt very impressed and proud of our fellow Malaysians who have shown their support towards this activity. Never would I expect to see so much particpation from residential houses. This shows that we are not far behind from our western counterparts who have been very aggressive in fighting against climate change and global warming.

As soon as I arrived at Queensbay Mall at around 9 p.m., all the lightings of the huge signboard were switched off. In fact most of the lightings along the roadside had been turned off as well. A very impressive participation indeed!

In conjunction with Earth Hour 60, I have switched my camera mode to energy-saving mode as well to show my support of this activity 🙂 .

Inside the mall, most of the shops and restaurants were participating as well. For instance, Quicksilver had set a good example by turning off most of the spot lights and display lights, only left with a few energy-saving lights on. Since this is a well-known brand from Australia, I wonder if it is strongly influenced by its home country where its people has a high sense of environmental consciousness. As we know Australia has started Earth Hour in 2007 where 2.2 million homes and businesses showed their support by switching off their lights for one hour.

Coffee Bean did not miss out the chance to show their support in earth hour too. They have turned off most of their neon lights on sighnboards and also on the outside where patrons were sitting. You could only spot some small dimmed lights inside the coffee house.

It has been a while since I have been to Kenny Roger’s. Honestly, this place has never crossed my mind when it comes to choices of dining places. But this day would be an exceptional case to me as I have gotten a free quarter set meal voucher from my friend. I was standing outside the restaurant and awas glad and excited to see that Kenny Roger’s was participating in Earth Hour too.

The lights on the preparation counter was turned off. They even had candle lights on each table to make the ambience cosy and romantic.

Most of the down lights had been switched off.

This was indeed a very meaningful outing for me as I get to see how our people shared the same mission during that day, that is to save non-essential energy for the sake of our Mother Earth. Hopefully this will be an on-going initiative by the people and not only a one-time event.

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