Penang Delightful Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Peng Yang Cafe

On the list of Penang food the most famous would be Hainanese Chicken Rice. Usually during lunch time the most common food being ordered is Chicken Rice, not to mention that there are few other famous chicken rice stalls that I have been posted in my blog previously. Among them are Kowloon Hainan Chicken Rice Stall, Macalister Road, Mayang Pasir Chicken Rice Stall and so on.

No doubt, I have been writing a lot about chicken rice, from Hainanese Chicken Rice and Oyster Sauce Chicken Rice to Deep Fried Chicken Rice and Malay-style Chicken Rice. However, I have never felt tired of trying new chicken rice stalls and posting them again and again as there are too many delicious chicken rice stalls out there. Most importantly, not only that the stalls serve good chicken rice but they are also value for your money.

The stall that I am going to introduce today is the one that is hidden at the back lane and is located on the ground level of a not very well-known apartment. That particular apartment is located along Lorong Hijau 5, Jelutong. Next to it is another more significant apartment which is Medan Hikmat. The place for great chicken rice is just a short walking distance away.

The restaurant that I mentioned is called Peng Yang Restaurant. It is not a very attractive place but in fact most of the people living at Jelutong will know this place as it was featured in Chinese Press “Kwang Wah Daily” before.

The direction to this place would be easier if you use the flyover from Jalan Masjid to Jalan Tan Sri Teh Hwe Lim, then drive about 300 meters before turning left to Jalan Sri Ibrahim. Drive another 20 meter ahead and turn right to Lorong Hijau 5, watch out on your right hand side, Peng Yang Restaurant is just around the corner.

The one and only stall that sells Hainanese Chicken Rice in this restaurant. Usually the best time to visit is before 12:00 noon, as after that prime time all the chairs will be either fully occupied or there will be long queue waiting for their take-aways.

The owner of this stall is Brother Tong “阿通哥” and has been operating this chicken rice stall for years. Besides the infamous chicken, there is also a great variety of dishes like Barbecue Pork, Roast Pork, Chinese Sausages, Loh Bak, Roast Chicken and Roast Duck.

The price for all the dishes are listed as below:

  • Normal Chicken Rice – RM2.70
  • Chicken Drumstick / Chicken Wing – RM3.00
  • Duck Rice – RM3.20
  • Duck Drumstick – RM3.70
  • BBQ Pork Rice/ Roast Pork Rice/ Chinese Sausage Rice – RM3.20
  • Loh Bak – RM1.60
  • Vineger Pork Leg – RM5.00 – RM6.00

Instead of ordering all the varieties at once, you can one or more dishes on each visit. This round, I ordered 3 types (Roast Chicken, Barbecue Pork and Roast Pork) with a complementary Assorted Vegetable Soup.

To me, a mixture of roast pork, bbq pork and roast chicken would be the perfect combination. The crispiness of the outer skin and also the meaty junk of the roast pork, together with the sweet and juicy barbecue pork and the soft and delectable roast chicken is simply divine.

The Assorted Vegetable is also my favorite. The soup is not too sour and it has been cooked for long hours with meat and dried chili. The soup is cooked with a plentiful of vegetables. For people who love vegetables and sour taste, it is a soup that should not be missed.

Overall the service here is quick, the taste of the food is good and the portion is worth the price.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Address: Lorong Hijau 5, Jelutong.
Opening Hours: 9.00am-3.00pm (Close on alternate Wednesday)
Contact: 016-423 1140 / 016-494 4860 (Brother Tong)

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15 thoughts on “Penang Delightful Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Peng Yang Cafe”

  1. You should start visiting and write Chulia Street’s chicken rice stall. Then write a post feature the best of penang chicken rice. Good articles on chicken rice alone is hard to find.

    Like I am writing for bak kut teh. But bak kut teh here in klang got 240++ Cannot finish trying and feel sick of it now. 😛

  2. wow, yummy , really missed pg food ,can`t wait two more weeks to go haaa, keep posting :0)

  3. i just realiase this stall is just located the same block of jason’s buddy’s apartment…hahaha, the world so small. Sure will visit this chicke rice when we drop by…

    erm…i guess there are still some cheap chicken rice in penang, will blog it in in the future…hehehe

  4. Selba, the price and the taste both are great. It’s just an excellent place to be just that is no aircon, else will be perfect.

    Ken, thanks for the information. I will dropby there one day and have a blog about that. Btw, everyday eat bah kut teh I will wanna vomit also.

    Little inbox, so far this place selling one of the cheap chicken in Penang.

  5. jacqueline, let me know when u are coming back to Pg, will bring u to the cheap and nice food in Penang.

    NKOTB, is cheap indeed.

    Regina, not just looks nice but it tastes nice as well.

    Gill, if u are not sure how to go there, we can go alone. I am looking to blog the cheap food in Penang. Wanna rombongan?

    Rebbecca, we go makan when you around.

  6. Well, the price of the food here can be considered quite cheap. Next time “tapao” for me during lunch, tea or dinner… Haha 😛

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