Bad Experience @ Kenny Roger’s, Queensbay

It has been a while since I have eaten at Kenny Roger’s as this place has never crossed my mind when choosing dining places. But this day would be an exceptional case to me as I have gotten a free quarter set meal voucher from my friend. I was standing outside the restaurant and at first I was glad and excited to see that Kenny Roger’s was participating in Earth Hour too.

They even had candle lights on each table to make the ambience cosy and romantic.

Most of the down lights had been switched off.

My happiness lasted for just a while, when the waitress came to me that I need to wait for 30 minutes for the roast chicken. When I looked at the kitchen table, all the plates were lying there waiting for the chicken to be placed.

After knowing that it would take a while for the chicked to be served, I then called for the waiter to serve our Iced Lemon Tea(RM5.00) as it never came although we ordered since the beginning. Somehow or rather the waiter did not seem to understand us as I had to call for the waiter for the second time for our drinks to be served, but he still looked at me with his blur expression and never came to us. Luckily we were spotted by the supervisor and she was very nice and told us that we need to wait 3 minutes for our drinks.

After long waited, my Round Up Platter (RM8.50) finally arrived. This dish is a medley of 3 side dishes complemented with 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin.

My choice of side dishes:

  • Golden Corn & Carrot
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Garlic Parsley Potato

Now, please compare the one served in front of me with the one on the website. * sigh 🙁


Next is the Roasted ¼ chicken with 3 side dishes & 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin (RM15.90). Honestly, I don’t have much to complaint about this. The serving of the chicken is up to standard size, the aromatic rice tastes nice and smells good. The coleslaw is fresh and so does the fruit. No wonder this is Kenny’s signature dish.

After all our meals and dishes were served, I was expecting the muffins to be served. As per my order, I requested for banana muffins.  After followed up with the supervisor, she came back and told me that the Banana muffins were not available at that moment and if I wanted, I need to wait for another 10 minutes again. This is another “potong steam” (disappointment) to me. Indeed, I have ended up having Chocolate and Vanilla muffins instead.

Earth Hour 60 should be a great event that brings the mission to save unnecessary energy to save our mother earth. However, for some service industries they are not only saving on electricity-generated energy but also their human-generated energy as well. All the staffs were seen to be working in hibernation mode except for the supervisor who was up to speed and considered efficient amongst others.

I really hope that they will buck up their services in order to survive in this competative market or else they can save their energy for the rest of their business life.

20 thoughts on “Bad Experience @ Kenny Roger’s, Queensbay”

  1. Ewwww.. doesn’t appetizing at all… but then even here in Jakarta, the Kenny Roger’s isn’t doing as well as 10 years ago…

  2. Damnit I wrote long something here and it is all gone after I forgot to put in my email address…!! 🙁

  3. Allie, the taste is ok just that the display and the portion really out leh.

    Selba, I don’t know how are they going to survive like that

    Little Inbox, the only dish that can be taken is the chicken, the rest need to be reconsidered.

    Rayner, please… I am anxious for your comment. Kindly recall and write back?

  4. Dear Steven Goh

    Would like your kind permission to repost this article with your photos are Queensbay Mall blog (some parts of the article will be not included i.e. Kenny Rogers). We would like to highlight on the Earth Hour at the outdoor facades.

    Please let me know if this is possible via my email. Credits will be mentioned to you.

    By the way, we enjoy your photography.

    LifeAtQueens (QBM’s Blog)

  5. Hahaha! Hibernation mode indeed! To be frank, I find that is the case with Kenny Roger’s even on regular days. Food is lackaidaisical, nothing like the pretty pictures on the menu… .completely misleading.

  6. Awww….poor Steven!!!
    You must have gone during the peak hours…

    One of my colleagues also told me about the bad service in Kenny Rogers’ (Queensbay) and they were put on wait as well, even for paying!
    Seems like they shouldn’t be roasters ya, they should be waiters….hahaha…

    I recently went but I was fortunate enough to have good service though:)
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience…

  7. Christy, I was not there at the peak hours, as I was there after 9pm. I suspect is because of earth hour 60 that’s why they are out of energy.

  8. Definitely agreed. My hubby and I decided not to eat Kenny Rogers..their side dishes looked terrible ¬overnight impression.
    Price increased, portion decreased. outlook measly.

  9. My 1st experience of Kenny Rogers is 8 years back in PJ. Food extremely nice and the service truly excellent. The last time I’ve had another is the “all RED promotion”. To avoid the crowd, me & coleagues goes for the one at Penang Airport instead of Queensbay. The only service available is taking orders. We collect food ownselves, clear & clean table ourselves and hehe tips ourselves. Truly degrading experience..

  10. Hi Jdaniely, I think they don’t have a standard to measure their customer service and that is why their service is still not as good. I hope they really can do something about their service improvement.

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