Special Penang Food, Fried Porridge @ 113 Cafe, Fettes Park

Many times a lot of my friends will be asking me where to find good food. I will be asking them back, what are their preferences? They will sure reply me – “anything”. If I introduced them to some fried food stuff like fried rice or fried noodle they will tell me the food they are either too oily or heaty. If I were asked to suggest something lighter, usually I will suggest them to take porridge or bee hun (rice noodle) soup but this time they will tell me those food are for sick people.

If I were to encounter this scenario last few weeks, I would have asked that person to buy fried tofu (bean curd), dip with sambal belacan and squat by the road side to enjoy it. First of all they would get the taste of fried dish but not too oily or heaty as tofu will reduce the heatiness and oiliness. Other than that the sambal will give the extra kick as the strong aroma and spiciness of the sambal belacan make it more appetising. The reason that I asked for squatting is it will give you the feel of eating hawker food.

As for now, I am not going to suggest that. This time I will tell that person to visit “Double One Three Cafe” (113 Cafe). This is because their specialty is fried porridge. It is particularly special as we can have a taste of fried and healthy food and moreover we don’t have to squat by the roadside as this place provides proper tables and chairs and is fully air-conditioned.

It is very easy to get to this place, just follow Jalan Tanjung Tokong, turn left into Jalan Fettes on your left after you have passed by Super Tanjung. At Jalan Fattes, watch out for your right and look for 113 Cafe which is just beside Fettes Park Coffee Shop.

The first dish that I am going to introduce is Seacucumber with Claypot – RM28(S), RM42(M), RM50(L) which has seacucumber, squids, fish fillets and mixed vegetables. The taste is mild but simply delicious.

Black Four Season Bean – RM8(S), RM12(M), RM16(L). Fried French beans with chai por (assorted vegetable), dried shrimps and dark soy sauce are the main ingredients. It is an excellent combination dish for rice. This is one of my favorites.

Yunnan Tofu – RM6(S), RM10(M), RM15(L). The homemade soft tofu are used to mix with chopped black fungus, which are then mashed and mixed with eggs and dried shrimps. It is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside and with a dip of Thai chili sauce it made the otherwise-tasteless tofu to a very special dish. It is a must order as it really melted in my mouth.

Fried Curry Wild Boar – RM8(S), RM12(M), RM18(L). Fresh slices of wild boar meat are cut and cooked in fried curry with curry leafs and onions. The aroma of the curry paste is strong and tempting. The tenderness of the meat is moderate and not too chewy compared to some other stalls. A very fulfilling dish for meat lovers.

Oyster Omelet – RM6(S), RM10(M), RM15(L). This place provides big and juicy oysters which are then used to fry with fresh eggs. Although I am not a big fan of oyster omelette, I still manage to finish half of it. You can imagine how good is this dish.

Fried Porridge – RM5.50(Personal), RM10(S), RM15(M), RM20-25(L). This is the signature dish of this shop as the shop name reads. The cooked porridge is stir fried with herbs and spices, and served with barbecue pork, prawns, cuttlefish strips, dried shrimps and Chinese leeks. The porridge looks like it is served in dark soy sauce but the taste is unique. Personally, I would prefer the dish to be served with roast pork instead of barbecue pork. Maybe due to the porridge and bbq pork are both sweet-based and it would blend better with a salty-based meat like roast pork.

Moonlight Hor Fun – RM6(S), RM10(M), RM15(L). A fresh raw egg would be added on the steaming hot Hor Fun. This is not a usual dish that many people will be able to accept as some may find the egg too raw to be eaten. However, the hor fun has the pan-fried aroma and the taste is delicious. So far, this is the one which is almost on par with the one I had in Chai Leng Park.

Overall, most of the food here are good and presentable and best of all they come under one roof which is air-conditioned. You will get the chance to try out both “cheng” (clear and not heaty dishes in Hokkien) and pan-fried food together, which is a marvellous choice.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 11.30am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Closed Alternate Thursday)
Contact: 016-428 9113
Address:37, Jalan Fettes, Fettes Park, 11200 Penang.

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11 thoughts on “Special Penang Food, Fried Porridge @ 113 Cafe, Fettes Park”

  1. Ahhhh!! Everything here looks fantastic! From the tofu to the fried porridge to the omelette – Fettes Park has so much good food to offer. Looks like when I go back this weekend, I won’t have time for anything else but EAT! Better start starving!

  2. Criz, exectly. A place of both side combination.

    Little Inbox, that is right. Not just the seacucumber claypot. Infact most of the dishes selling here is great.

    NKOTB, you are most welcome 🙂

    Allie, I prefer more on Black Four Season Bean and Fried Porridge.

    550ml, let me know when you backed ok. Will bring you around.

  3. omg….hahaha! The Moonlight Hor Fun is served in a traditional manner. No one does this anymore…but i dun dare to makan also lol

  4. I completely agree with you on this restaurant. It is one of my favorites, especially the Indonesian chicken.

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