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Latest update: This shop had been close for business.

Today is the greatest day in my life. Steven’s Hotspot, one of the largest chain cafes had a grand opening in Penang and all these chain stalls are owned by me, Steven Goh. I am now one of the richest men in Malaysia. Everyone of you who visit my chain stalls will have a 50% discount.

Alright, that was just another dream of mine. I am still Steven Goh the food blogger. I didn’t own Steven’s Hotspot or any other chain stalls. I just own and a small car.

Steven’s Hotspot is owned by Steven’s Corner. Steven’s Corner was founded in 1976 by an Indian couple. Steven’s Corner is a mamak restaurant located in Overseas Union Garden, off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. Steven is the nickname of Silan, a member of the family. The original stall sat on a shop corner, hence the name Steven’s Corner.

The first Steven’s Hotspot in Penang is located inside BayAvenue, Bayan Lepas of Lorong Bayan Indah 3. As mentioned, Steven’s Hotspot is under the management of STG Resources Sdn. Bhd., this goes the same with Steven’s Tea Garden. Sigh, all the Steven’s name had been taken up. Next time I could only use the name Steven Goh’s Corner, if my dream comes true.

Steven’s Hotspot, is a place targetting business people and also young working adults. The idea of Steven’s Hotspot is slightly different from Steven’s Tea Garden. Usually, Steven’s Tea Garden and Steven’s Corner offered Mamak’s Dishes and Rice, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak and Mee Goreng. However, Steven’s Hotspot only offers some of the menu above but excluding Mamak’s Rice and Dishes.

The main selling point of Steven’s Hotspot is on it’s Business Center. Steven’s Hotspot also provides a comfortable place for chit-chatting, relaxing and to have light meals.

Trendy and colourful environment with most of the crowd consist of business people and also young working adults.

According to the Marketing Manager of STG Resources Sdn. Bhd., Michael Ng, Steven’s Hotspot is focusing more on lifestyle and ambience rather than on food. The food here are supplied by high-quality vendors instead of from its own kitchen. All the food being sold here are purely Halal.

Steven’s Teh Tarik (RM2.50), one of the signature drinks in this shop. The taste is slightly sweet to me, it is very suitable for sweet tooth people. As for the pricing for all the food here, it is still not fixed as the management has not finalized on the pricing yet.

Blueberry Cheese Pie (RM6), the taste of the pie is just like a normal cheese cake, nothing too special.

Lychee Cake (RM8.50), slightly sweet but still at an acceptable level. It is one of the best of all.

Tiramisu Cake (RM8.50), the taste for this cake was a bit plain. I still prefer the lychee cake.

Tuna Sandwich (RM8), a usual tuna paste filled into croissants.

Seafood Sandwich (RM8), with crab-flavoured sticks and mushrooms.

For those who would like to join the membership of Steven’s Hotspot, there are a range of cards from Classic, Silver, Gold to Platinum.

Overall, the Steven’s Hotspot focuses more on environment and lifestyle. For those who want to find a relaxing place for business talk or place to chill out, Steven’s Hotspot is the place to be.

Operation hours: 11:00am – 11:00pm (7 days a week)
Address:B-16-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 3, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

35 thoughts on “Business and Lifestyle @ Steven’s Hotspot, BayAvenue Penang”

  1. LOL

    I was so impressed reading the first paragraph!!! I thought woohooo… Steven really gonna be a rich guy in Penang!!!

    Well, it’s ok to have a dream though…. 😉

  2. price is a bit on the high side.. let’s see how long they can sustain.. i doubt that concept can work in that location…

  3. you better fast fast register steven goh corner sdn bhd leh… lol! hope your dream come true ya!

    and so many different memberships?? macam credit card la! 😛

  4. When I first saw the advertisement on that Lifestyle free distributed booklet, I laughed, “Huh? Steven buka one ah?” 🙂

  5. Allie, ya… will give u further discount 50% + 50% for 100 for you. LOL

    NKOTB, I will sure invite you for the review if I am the owner.

    Gill, I hope so on my day dream to come true.

    Mary, the popular one 1 is you not me lah.

  6. Criz, hotspot got ah… my house. LOL

    pigpigscorner, look nice yet the taste is subjective.

    Little Inbox, will give you VIP treadment if that’s my stall.

    Selba, ya I am the rich guy here… You come here and you will know 🙂

  7. Mayrie, you are most welcome.

    Will, agree…. is something like Island Red Cafe.

    lingzie, Steven Goh Corner Sdn. Bhd. sounded so Ah Peh company leh.

    Cariso, is the name of Steven but not the same Steven. err…. very complicated.

  8. Hi Steven’s Hotspot, thanks a lot for you feedback. Please do let me know when you ping back 🙂 is my honor to cover Steven’s Hotspot.

  9. I do know your personal email address.
    So I have requested CK Lam to forward my email to you.

  10. Steven
    Sorry, I do not know your personal email address.
    I have requested CK Lam to forward my email to you

  11. When I was visiting Malaysia, a Malaysian family cooked sausage links obtained from a grocery store that were incredibly delicious.

    The sausage links I ate had a very dark brown ( almost black) color unlike the red brown color of hot dog links in America.

    Could you tell me whether these sausage links are from England and whether you can write about them, thanks

  12. mr steven goh, u has been a great liar and grab away lots of money from gullible ppl..y so irresponsible

  13. I went the shop several times and I found it is close. Can you pls tell me how the things going on? when I joined, I been told that there will be branches around Butterworth and BM. But, I seems like do not found any shop name-Steven Corner around this area.

  14. The most funny thing is when I joined, i persuade to have GOLD card. Now I have d, the contact ppl told me he dun know anything. I would like to know how can I spend all my credit and where can I spend it

  15. Hi Cassy, I get to know about the news on last 3 weeks and I heard that the boss claim that place is not suitable for that kind of business.

  16. What do you means by you are nt sure whether KL still gt this franchise or not. Is that you means I need to waste my money thousand due to all dun know, not sure………..

  17. Cassy, first of all let me clarify. Steven’s Hot spot has nothing to do with me although my name has Steven. I was just invited by one of their members there to review their food. I am just a food blogger, I don’t own Steven’s Hot spot nor joining them. Kindly finish reading my post before making any comment.

    If you need to know more about the upcoming status of STG please visit:

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