Great Cucuk Udang and Roti Canai@ Shahul Hamid, Kepala Batas

Sometimes the taste of certain food will have a very deep impression on us especially when we are small or when we are very hungry. This particular place that I am going to introduce made me recall back my childhood memories which was 20 years back. I still remember that time I was following my dad who worked as an agricultural researcher in Kepala Batas. I was there to help him to sort out the seeds and at the same time catching some fish along the stream. Usually by lunch time I would be starving and my dad would bring me to this shop which is located at the town of Kepala Batas. The food that they served gave me a very deep impression. 

If you are going to this place via the exit of Kepala Batas from highway, follow Jalan Kubang Menderung, turn right when you see the big sign board of Bertam, drive straight until you have passed 3 traffic lights. Infront of the cross road junction of Jalan Perak you will see the shop just infront of you.

The name of the stall is Shahul Hamid, the shop still remains its old charm even after 20 years.

This “Ah Neh” (means brother in Tamil) was busy packing dishes and collecting money from customers. All the Ah Nehs here seemed to be cooperating well in performing their tasks.

Another Ah Neh was deep-frying the “cucuk udang” (means fried prawn biscuit in Malay)

The freshly fried cucuk udang.

Other than the fried cucuk udang, the kuah (means Curry in Malay) also plays a very important role for the cucuk. The owner was generous enough to open up the lid for us to take the photo of the kuah.

Next to the stall of cucuk, another Ah Neh is pan-frying the roti canai. The smell of the canai at this stall is very tempting and it will make you feel even more hungry.

A set of cucuk udang (RM1.80) per serving depending on how big the portion you want. Alongwith the cuck udang, there were some dried tofu (tau gua) and slices of cucumber to be dipped into the peanut sauce. The freshly-fried crunchy cucuk dipped with the sauce with chopped peanuts is such a great enjoyment.

Roti Canai Telur (RM1.20) with a strong aroma of ghee. The exterior texture was crunchy while the interior was soft which contained egg. However, I still prefer Roti Canai Kosong (RM0.70) at this place as the crunchiness of the whole roti and the taste of the ghee is stronger compared to Roti Canai Telur.

Overall, although the owner of this stall is no longer taking care of this stall and is all handled by his staff and my dad is also no longer working at the agricultural research department, the taste of their food still remains as how it was 20 years ago. It is a place that worth a visit if you are in Kepala Batas.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 7:00am – 3:00pm (Daily)
Address:Junction of Jalan Kubang Menderung off Jalan Perak.

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19 thoughts on “Great Cucuk Udang and Roti Canai@ Shahul Hamid, Kepala Batas”

  1. wow!lots of yummy food!oh no!you still can find a roti canai for RM0.70????that’s so cheap.You are such a good food finder 🙂

  2. My Taste Heaven, if u are not sure of the direction just let me know and I can guide u for more details.

    Food Paradise, ya loh… those the days. I wish I am still at that age.

    NKOTB, I am so lucky that still can find back my old memory 🙂

    Allie, roti durian got ah…. i am kidding.

    Criz, you can anytime franchise back the business to Penang and than we can go every day to your stall.

    Sweetpie, you are most welcome. If you need to find any wired food just let me know.

  3. Steven, The really good one last time is Che Abang, a few stores next to this one. However the che Abang chef went to “west Heaven” liao…

    Then only this place becomes no. 1 taikor cucur udang after that. The last time u and laubah tatt hiking to KB I told u before also 🙂

  4. Selba, there are a lot of roti canai stall here in Penang.

    gill, I agree.

    Steve C, I know that. Too bad cannot that the best cucuk but the 2nd to the best still consider ok.

    BBO, exectly. Is cheap and good 🙂

  5. Food in Kepala Batas is so cheap. I remember nasi lemak in banana leaf in all Malay stalls going to the MARDI station is like 50 cents. 2 last for the whole morning.

    I like your pictures…..especially, i miss these kind of food after been abroard for some time.

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