Special Malay Style Chicken Rice @ Batu Maung

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Introduction of today is the special Malay style chicken rice located at Batu Maung beside the Pos Office.

By right most of the people working in Bayan Lepas will know the post office, just in case you are not sure where is the actual location, please refer to the Wikimapia GPS below:


The entrance to the stall from Batu Maung Pos office is a small hut and usually packed with people during lunch time. My advice is you either go there earlier or later. The bad timing to go is from 12noon – 1:30pm. Also, this place will not have chicken supply on Fridays due to Muslim prayers. If you want to enjoy the full set of lunch, please do not visit this place on Fridays.

Again, this place is for the people looking for good food but not too worry about the environment as there are kittens walking pass you and few small flies circling around looking for the “best” landing spot. Check out the boss who was busy preparing and ordering.

The price of the chicken rice is not that expensive at all. I am not sure if this price will still be the same after the petrol price hike?

The chicken rice set came with rice, chicken, chili and soup. The chicken was dipped with home-made soy sauce. The soup tasted like any Mamak stalls and the best was the spicy and sour chili paste to be eaten with the chicken rice. That was great combination. The only imperfection was the chicken meat portion was too little. For guys who are not not on diet, you should order extra meat.

For those not looking for plain chicken rice, there are other options – Fried rice with chicken. They have 2 types, either special or normal set. The normal set is fried rice with fried chicken, a piece of fried egg with their special made chili sauce on top and also a bowl of soup. The special set is the same but with “pasembur” as an additional side dish. The taste is very special too.

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2 thoughts on “Special Malay Style Chicken Rice @ Batu Maung”

  1. Err…what is “pasembur”?
    surely they dont have steamed chicken rice, malay stall normally only got the bbq or fried chicken.
    I seldom eat at malay stall or cafe, as most time those fried or bbq chicken hanging at the counter look dry & not fresh, probably have been fried over & over again….yiaakkk!

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