One of the Penang Best Yam Rice @ Golden Lake Food Corner

Many times when people mention about yam rice, the immediate response is the Yam rice at Prai, Chai Leng Park. Actually, there are a few stores of Yam rice in Penang island itself which are very nice too. The one that I am going to introduce is located at Relau. The store is located in a hawker center at the junction between Maybank and Public Bank in Relau.

The name of the hawker center is called Golden Lake Food Corner. It is actually located by the corner lots. There are plenty of hawker delicacies in this food center.

One of the stalls that I recommend is the “Chai Yam Rice” (财芋饭).  The stall is located on the right towards the end of the hawker center. 

You will see that this stall is in the middle of Laksa and Western Food stalls. The reason I like to order from this stall is because of the fast service and they are not so commercialised yet. (No guarantee after this post).

The person in-charge was preparing my food. I am not sure he is “Ah Chai” or may be Ah Chai is his father or grandpa. According to him, they only serve during lunch time and they are off on Thursdays.

The Yam rice, it’s served with a piece of yam and it is actually very yummy. Anyway, my suggestion to those who have bigger appetite like Penang Tua Pui, please order double else you will sure starve to death after 2 hours.

The soup is the main attraction. It tasted sour, salty and a bit sweetness. The main ingredients of the soup are of chicken meat, meat balls and also salted/preserved vegetables. The final touch up on the soup with some spring onion slices made it even more aromatic.

For those who love the intestine (spare) parts, you can order a standard set. For those who don’t prefer spare part like me, you need to tell “Ah Chai” to eliminate that. The standard set cost RM4.50 per person, which I find it quite resonable.

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7 thoughts on “One of the Penang Best Yam Rice @ Golden Lake Food Corner”

  1. yam rice? i tak suka one wor~ but after reading this post, feel mouth a bit gatal liao, haha~

    last time i eat yam rice not like that one wor~ hmmm…maybe penang one different a bit~

  2. Thanks for sharing, I like Yam Rice very much, especially the soup. Yeh yeh, like what CK Lam said, I no need to travel to butterworth to have the Yam Rice anymore, we can have it here in Penang Island…

  3. I am not a food blogger but I follow most of the Penang flogger how I do miss out you until I read the participant list and here I am, first time drop by!

    I have long for Yam rice in Penang and thanks for the recommendation. In fact I pass this place so often but never having lunch in this restaurant. So next trip back must try.


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