Hussle Free and Nice Food @ Stallion Restaurant

Are you tired of waiting for food in crowded eateries? If you are this type of person, Stallion will be the most suitable place for you.

The name for this location is called Wisma Stallion. Anyway the exact location of this place will not be reviewed yet as I am getting the confirmation from the owner of this place. If anyone is able to find this place after reading my blog there will be special offer provided.

The restaurant is called Stallions Garden, the lunch time is from 11:30am – 2:30pm, while the dinner time is from 6pm – 10pm. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

This is the inner docoration of the restaurant. This restaurant offers banquets for weddings, birthday celebrations, company events and buffet. Moreover, the parking at this place is FREE and the price of the food is reasonable too.

We tried out a number of dishes and I found some of the dishes were very special. The starter is called “Stallion Garden Double Boiled Emperor Soup” (宝马一品窝). The ingredients of this soup included dark chicken, fish bladder, sea cucumber, abalone and ginseng. It was really an Emperor style of soup.

Next, the “Mango Prawn Wrapped with Japanese Fried Rice Noodle” (日式米粉芒果虾). They used normal tiger prawns to prepare it. However, the fried rice noodle used to wrap the prawn was imported from Japan. The rice noodle was very crunchy. The inner part was stuffed with tiger prawns in mango paste. It is an excellent combination. Something that we can hardly get daily.

“Chef Special Broccoli with Sea Cucumber” (海参扒兰花). This is the usual dish for most of the Chinese dining that we used to have. However, the gravy is the main ingredient which made this dish outstanding. A sea cucumber is tasteless by itself and it needs the gravy to bring out its taste. So far, the taste is acceptable.

This next dish is very unique, it’s called “Fresh Garupa in Two Preparations”(麒麟双味班). So far the fish I’ve tried was as good as the name sounded because the fish was really fresh. There were two types of preparation, the left was the deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce and on the other was steamed fish with spicy ginger sauce. What made the dish so special was the carrot slice which was stuffed in each slice of the fish fillet. This actually made the meat crunchy.  

“Assorted Seafood with Ee Mee”(海鲜闷伊面). The ee mee was cooked together with all types of seafood including fish, prawn and crab meat. All the seafood highlight were in this noodle. 

Last but not least, it was also my main focus. Something which takes time to prepare in a very unique way, the “Double Boiled Hasma in Coconut” (椰盅炖雪蛤). The dried hasma which had been rehydrated was double-boiled in a whole coconut with rock sugar to create a glutinous texture and opaque colour. The original taste of hasma is actually unflavoured. However after double boiled in a coconut, the coconut’s aroma had actually soaked into the hasma soup and made the soup even sweeter.

Overall, the food here is prepared in a very unique way. Not only the food looks good but they taste good as well. For the next surprise to come, please stay tuned for my next update.

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8 thoughts on “Hussle Free and Nice Food @ Stallion Restaurant”

  1. wuhu~ so hungry now! walao eh, everytime before lunch hour u post up some food review, let ppl hungry only~

    U really give good rating for this restaurant wor~ but i think the “Double Boiled Hasma in Coconut” (椰盅炖雪蛤) a bit geli lo~ haha

  2. i know where the place is, hehe 🙂
    located at bkt dumbar on the way to tesco direction along the roadside,
    if i’m not wrong, it’s in the same compound with college metropolitan, rite?
    been there for dinner once, not so bad! 🙂 but they serve pork-free…

  3. bb community, have you tried Hasma 雪蛤 before? the taste is not what you see, like durian.

    reader, you are right. I did told the boss but they are having malay students and customers, therefore they need to serve pork-free. Too bad.

    Kitkat, you want me to list out my schedule before I start visit my next food test out?

    will, fyi I have never accept any rasuah before. Unless you pay me 1 million. I will consider giving you 5 stars for all in my blog.

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