Someone Had Forgotton To Pay The Bill?

Is she forgotton to pay her bill or is this the new trick to attract more traffic to her blog???
The small writting below shown:

“Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. ”

OMG, somebody got to get hurt real bad.

MerCuRy Website:

6 thoughts on “Someone Had Forgotton To Pay The Bill?”

  1. For all bloggers, DO not post CONDOM image at your post or you will end up like MerDuriaN. Btw, will they suspend us by just saying the word CONDOM???

    Did I just mentioned that word….

  2. I think they didn’t see the content properly. Just blindly suspend my blog ba. Anyway this is my assumption, they never tell me any reasons for it. One of the hosting provider staff was my friend. They just apologized to me

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