Herbal Tea Hao in possessed by Jacky Cheung

Check out this fatty. He is the famous “Herbal Tea Hao”. The reason we call him this nick name is because he own a herbal tea stall at the junction near famous Air Itam Laksa. I will find one day to blog about his stall.

By the way, there will be a BUY 1 FREE 1 herbal tea promotion until this end of December 2007. However there is a condition,

  1. You need to sing the chorus part of the song he sang as below.
  2. Tell him you get this information from Steven Goh (www.stevengoh.com). 

He will offer you with the promotion and if you are pretty girl which is even better, you will have 2 cups for FREE.

11 thoughts on “Herbal Tea Hao in possessed by Jacky Cheung”

  1. baby_on_board, sorry… he is no gay. Unless u dress up like a gal.
    bb community, herbal tea can cool down your internal heat.

  2. leng teh hao, do not use abusive language at my blog. There are a lot of under age people reading my post. Example: Bb community, Baby_oN_BoArd, Mercury and CheeChingy.

    By the way, leng teh hao = herbal tea hao. If you all want to buy 1 free 1 leng teh, remember to mention my name to him.

  3. This is because everytime ask you to join us for the karaoke session you didn’t turn up. Now you know his talent.

    Btw, you can only claim ‘mug’ of herbal tea at Kg. Jawa. and make sure you finished it. Else you will get double charge!

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