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Taiwanese food, one of the popular foods in Penang since few years back. I still remember the taste of Taiwanese food back in May this year when I visited Taiwan.

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Anyway, there is a difference in taste between Penang and Taipei. The taste of real Taiwanese food is more light and desalination. Anyway, back in Penang most of the Taiwanese food are localised. In fact, I prefer the taste of local Taiwanese food than the the one back in Taiwan.

There is a nice place for Taiwanese food in Penang. This place does not only serve nice food but also the environment and service are just as excellent. The shop is just beside Jalan Imigeresen and junction to Jalan Burma. It’s name is Kocha Taiwanese Delight Restaurant. If you can’t think of a place for dating, this is the best place to be.

Wikimapia location:

Kocha Taiwanese Delight Restaurant operates from 12:00pm – 10:30pm. 
Address: 229 Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang • Tel: 604-227 5048.

The design on both inside and outside is very cozy and Chinese classical feel. Below is the Laughing Buddha, which is believed that if you touched his stomach you will be prosperous. I am not sure how true is that? Please let me know if you have succeeded.

This is a Chinese poem that expresses the beauty and enjoyment of tea tasting.

There is a fish tank with underwater fish. Beware of your kids if you bring them in, don’t let them knock on the glass as it is very fragile with high water pressure.

Nice classical Chinese lanterns which are placed on the wall make the environment romantic.

Hot Green Milk Tea, the aroma of the green tea is nice with the fresh milk which makes them a great combination.

For the beef lovers, the food below is a must try. This noodle is call “Beef Noodle”, the noodle is hand-made, not the usual OEM noodles (factory-made). Infact, the beef is tenderly cooked. With the combination of herbal soup which tasted like “bak kut teh”.

A set of Beef noodle comes with all the side dishes as below:

This particular side dish that I have focused on is long beans cooked in grained peanut which is something unique.

The picture below shows a table which has just been cleaned up by a staff and from the surface you can’t see any mistake but the manager instantly called that stuff out to clean the table again as there is some rice dropped at the corner.

The picture below shows a tall glass of iced milk tea with “black pearls”. By the way, for those who don’t want to pay extra for “black pearls”, this restaurant is offering “black pearl” add-ons for FREE.

As one of my friends asked the waitress “Tambah (Add) black pearl got extra charges ah? If got extra then don’t want already.”

“3 Cups Chicken” is the set below. You have to drink 3 cups of liqour only you can proceed with your food (joking). 3 cups mean the dish is cooked with sesame oil, chinese liquor and ketchup. Basil leaf is used to place on top of the dish for the unique smell.

“Braised Beef Brisket”, another dish which is recomended for beef lovers. Fine cut of beef slices were cooked by browning in fat and then simmering in a closed container. The ingredient also cooked with white carrot and red tomato where it makes the dish more tasty.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

15 thoughts on “Great Taiwanese Delight – Kocha Delight”

  1. Slowcatchupkuan, OEM mee means that the noodle that made from factory out from box instead of hand custom made 🙂

  2. u reALI ‘Jalan jalan cari makan’…. Eating King @ Sifu Makan…. Lolz…
    Anyway, thanks to ur post… i can enjoy all the delicious food by not wasting money for those sux food… Thank you thank you….

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  4. Rating 5/5
    Taste : 2
    Price : 2 (expensive)
    Food Presentation: 1
    Service: didnt recall
    Overall : 2 1/2

    I when there once, and never goes there again. I ordered mince pork rice. The mince pork was like 1 tablespoon of mince pork! That is the whole amount of mince pork served. WTF! The taste was average for that dish. That’s it! I would never go there again.

    Anyways, the environment is nice. If you want to Phak Thor with you gurl gurl, then it is a nice place to show off.

    I often to go the lau yee’s tainan restaurant in one stop (1st floor). The pork chop rice, beef rice is nice and surprise sup is nice 🙂

  5. As my experience, the food is not nice and very little portion, somemore very expensive!
    I never go back to this restaurant and i told my frens not to go too.

  6. Rayner, nice 1 some more got rating. damn PRO lah. Btw, so far for me I feel confy and the food is nice too. May be they know I will going to blog about them. Anyway, the lau ee shop at 1stop every time I enter the shop I will sneeze. May be is the purfume in the shop.

    Chris, you didn’t question the manager why so little portion only?

    Bb community, the set per person is around RM12

  7. lol slowcatcupkuan become Kitchupkuan…
    I think that Taiwan beef noodle called as “Spicy Beef Noodle” I see the photo you had attached above, the soup looks spicy.

  8. Merdurian, hopefully she doesn’t get mad about me. Else you will see my website got suspended without any reason.

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