Simple Yet Great Taste Lou Shi Fun – BM Market Place

Usually to make something simple as competition is tougher comparing to making something unique and special. Example today if you are selling Plain Fried Rice compared to Teow Chew Fried Rice, of course Teow Chew Fried Rice is more unique. Therefore, in order to compete amongst Plain Fried Rice sellers, your Fried Rice need to be very tasty or add something which can stand out from others.

Below is one of the stalls in Bukit Mertajam Market Place selling some plain yet can be extended in different taste – Lou Shi Fun (Mouse Tail Shaped Noodle) Soup. The actual location of the place is at the front of Chinese Opera Stage.

The operating hour is from morning 7am – 7pm and it is closed on Thursday. It is a very simple place but the taste of the food here are all very nice and the price is very cheap. If you have read my previous Roast Chicken and Roast Pork Rice post which I have posted before, it’s just the same.

If you look closely at the soup, it is very clear like water, however the taste is very nice. The ingredients included pickled mustard, minced meat and sliced meat. Of course the main ingredient is the lou si fun and it’s understood that this noodle is handmade and you will never get it from outside.

For those who want to add some spices, there is a mug of chili paste on each table that you can add into your noodle. The taste will become very different. Another best thing on eating at this stall is that the soup is bottomless, you can request for refill anytime and the boss is more than willing to top up for you.

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13 thoughts on “Simple Yet Great Taste Lou Shi Fun – BM Market Place”

  1. I just ate it this afternoon. But…the one you mentioned really look more yummy! Bukit mertajam huh? Perhaps I’ll drop by some day to savour it! Ha =)

  2. Steven

    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your blog especially
    about the various food you ate.

    I miss Penang very much and the hawkers’ food. Have lived in the Uk for the past 36years and only been home 5 times in that time.

    Shame about the vast expansion of high rise flats in my hone town of Fettes Park/Tanjong Tokong.

    Keep up the good work and continue to make me salivate and suffer with all the lovely food photos.



  3. Appletan, temporary not available in Penang yet. Maybe next time I will come out with StevenGoh’s stall that selling this.

    Vortrack, you say like that people will tough is a rat soup noodle.

    tekkaus, if you are planning to visit there let me know I am going soon.

    Yat, thanks for dropping by. If you managed to come back to Penang do let me know. I will show you all the good foods around. Sure you will add minimum 5kg before going back.

    BB community, BB market place is ur shop lah…

  4. yerr how come the lou shi fun like that 1? the lou shi fun slightly different with KL’s style. This 1 looks like worm neh

  5. Steven
    Found this great website of urs thanks 4 sharing
    Loh si Fun, OH my oh my , not have that for ages , reminded me my mom used to make this LSF soup when i was still in school
    Never came across any food stall selling this , great, going to give a try when i get back this end of april ,CAN`T WAIT ,MY PENANG FOOD DIVINE :)¬

  6. vickie, this lou si fun is custom made 1. Is not buy from any stall and more over it’s made from rice instead. May be should as them to name it as “Chung Fun” (WORM NOODLE) hehe. Anyway, this noodle is WUSINWUT (What You See Is Not What You Taste)

    jacqueline, thanks for dropping by. Anyway, this is just the starter. there are many more nice things around in BM. Stay tune, I will update more about the food there.

  7. lou shi fun, not really like it.

    “to make something simple as competition is tougher comparing to making something unique and special”
    This is indeed true, especially now-a-day, most people are actually buying the “feeling”! thing that is simple normally doesnt have much attraction even though is good in quality, as people just dont feel to like it; however thing that is special / unique, it will easily create a good impression in the our mind.
    Unless u have try it one, or else u will never know the simple or the special one is good.

  8. Uhh yea, the clear soup and yet tasty ones are my favourite. I can’t remember where but there was this kuey teow teng stall in Penang was really good.

    Hmm, those don’t look like lou si fun. Looks more like those laksa kelantan noodles. Don’t have the sharp point at the end and thus does not look like a rat’s tail. 😛

    Lol, how are you to become a monk and lead a simple life like that? No more lou si fun to eat! Everyday vegetables only.. XD


    p.s. Something special compared to other stalls? Real lou si!
    p.s.p.s. Tambah pork can ar? Haha..

  9. Vickie, is at BM (Bukit Mertajam). If you are still in Penang let me know I will bring you there. Anyway if you asked any Penangite where is BM Market place they will guide you there dee.

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