Tasty Spicy Curry Mee and Fried Jawa Mee – BM Town

I was told by my reader that my food blog is concentrating on Penang Island only, my coverage over to the mainland is so weak. All right, for those who think my coverage is not strong enough “oversea” now I am penatrating Bukit Mertajam (BM) area. Next time I am going to wear yellow suite, see who still say my coverage is not strong enough.

The place that I have been this time is on the middle way from BM market place to St. Ann Church where it’s near to the Taman Berjaya. Wikimapia GPS location as below:


The first stall that I am going to introduce is the Curry Mee cum Koay Teow Theng cum Squid stall. Anyway, this stall is famous for the curry mee. Check out the newspaper cutting infront of the stall.

The color of the curry mee is quite red. However, it is not as hot and spicy as it looks to be. If the level of spicy can be rated from 1 to 5, I will place it at level 2. The taste of the curry mee is different from Penang as the coconut milk is very mild and the soup is a bit sweet. Overall the taste of this curry mee is very delicious and you don’t have to worry about the price, all the food in BM are much cheaper than in Penang.


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Check out that Jawa Mee auntie, looking at me like one kind of freako. Grrr…. on my next few posts I will write about life as a weirdo food blogger. As usual, every time I take picture at certain food stalls, people will look at me as if I am a foreigner or weirdo. However, I will still move on as this is my passion. I want to let the world know all the nice food that I have tasted or the other way round. By the way, this aunty’s stall also has a newspaper cutting.

Anyway, the fried jawa mee is just nice, the fried combination is neither over cooked nor raw. The taste of this mee can fight with the Indian Aunty in Jelutong. I feel that if this mee if served with sotong (squid) the taste will be even better, as this is a bit too plain. Although this auntie looked down on me still I will not deduct her mark for services. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Tasty Spicy Curry Mee and Fried Jawa Mee – BM Town”

  1. after writting your discount coupon post, i tot u r giving away free coupon to makan curry mee and jawa mee, hhee~

    Everytime u use handphone to shoot photo? or using digital camera?

  2. vickie, you like hot? No wonder you are hot, LOL.

    bb community, of course use camara if using handphone sure the effect won’t be that nice.

  3. hi, nice to meet u here. thanks for dropping by my blog. i love eating although i scare to be fat. mind to exchange link?

  4. Did you notice that the curry mee seller has a deformed hand?

    Maybe someday you can get her story.

  5. Kit Kat, sure I am signing up as DiGi Agent dee. U wait lah, I will wear the yellow suit.

    Hazel, my pleasure. I will place you first. Btw, your bb is very cute.

    KK, she is like Ah Kit Kia singing the “Mia Yun Eh Guitar” (Faith’s Guitar)

    Robo, thanks for dropping by. Hope you like it.

  6. steven, where else in Pg i can find tasty mee jawa, me and my hubby normally go back to Pg once a year , but this year only for short 2 weeks:(, but lucky me found a lot of nice places for food now , thanks for all the effort from the Malaysian bloggers, well done u too.
    Iam not familiar with SP or BM area, what should di if i need to find the direction ?

  7. jacqueline, glad that you love this post. Btw, thanks for giving me some ideas. I am going to explore for best jawa mee now 🙂 wait for my good news

  8. Dear Steven,

    I was actually planning to get your help to visit my mum’s stall. She’s been operating hawker stalls for 24 years. I really love her food personally. But, yet, I’d still like to get some comments from other people.

    As I browsed through your posts, I came across this post “Tasty Spicy Curry Mee and Fried Jawa Mee – BM Town”.

    Steven, that Jawa Mee Aunty that you’ve mentioned is my MUM !!

    Please allow me to clear the air of your statement “Although this auntie looked down on me still I will not deduct her mark for services.”

    My mum is a kind and humble woman. She never ever discriminate nor look down on anybody.
    You know what hawkers do when they can’t manage to sell off their foods? Some might keep it and heat it up the next day to continue selling. Some might just throw it away.
    But my mum, she donates her food to old folks home, distribute to neighbours, and do some other kind of charity.

    But anyhow, Steven, I am really grateful for your positive comments on my mum’s cooking. I’ll show her of your feedback so that she can improve for a better cooking.

  9. Hi Frances, I am embarrass. I didn’t know that she is your mum. Just to elaborate a bit more, she doesn’t looks down on me actually. In fact, life as food blogger had always let people look at me like one kind. She is very kind person, just my style of visiting the stalls and snapping on the food makes people think I want to condemn about their food or services. However, for me I will only write good things about the stalls more compare to bad things. Please send my apologies to your mum. Tell her that I will pay her another visit as I really miss her Jawa Mee 🙂

  10. No offence, Steven.

    Please don’t tell me that you feel embarrassed.
    I’m actually very grateful for you kind comment.

    It’s a regret that I’m working in KL.
    Otherwise I would have met up with you when you visit my mum’s stall again.

  11. Frances, thanks for your understanding. Not too worries about the meet up. When you are back in Penang for vacation. Do drop me a comment, I’m always traveling around from Penang to Butterworth and BM. We might have chance to meet up.

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