One Of The Penang Best Indian Mee – Esplanade Food Court

For spicy food lover, I can say that the most tasty spicy food is still Indian food. Mostly is due to the spices that make the spices so nice and hot. It’s hot in Penang for these few days. However, I still take the challenge to try out the best spicy Indian noodle in Penang.

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The actual description location of the food court is opposite the Penang State Asembly building at Esplanade.

The food court is quite hidden and it’s very shady and cozy. There are a lot of tree surrounding the food court. You will see the signboard of “Tom Yam Kota” in front of the food court.

The Indian noodle stall is at your left hand side and you will see the “Mee Goreng Sotong” (Squid Fried Noodle). It’s an Indian style fried mee that will add on with spices dipped squid.

There are a few levels of spiciness that you can choose with. So far, I had tried mild and normal spiciness level. I still haven’t tried extreme spiciness level yet as I don’t dare. For those that love spicy food. This is a excellent choice for you. Picture below is the mild version of Indian noodle.

If this stall is cooking just the Indian noodle with normal serving that will be usual and nothing different from the rest. However, the best is mixture of spices with the cutting of squid meat that make the entire dish outstanding.

The normal spiciness version as picture below. For those that love extreme hot and spicy, I challenge you to try the best Indian noodle here.

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8 thoughts on “One Of The Penang Best Indian Mee – Esplanade Food Court”

  1. Oh darn. it’s 4.12 am in the morning and I’m hungry. Noooo… My dad would enjoy that, all red and hot-like. I on the other hand might die of the heat. Haha!


    p.s. Spicy food + hot weather = I’ll sweat buckets (tambah some salt in to the noodles) XD

  2. usws, me too… whenever I eat hot and spicy food under the hot day, there will be ‘rain’ pouring on me but not the rest of the people. Find one day bring your dad here to try this nice indian mee out and do let me know once you are somewhere there as my office just nearby.

  3. Is real indian or mamak? thought it’s mamak.
    there’s another mamak one in butterworth i like to eat once in a while. call me if you’d like to try.

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