Salsas Restaurant, Penang Road – Reasonable, Recreational & Irresistable

Another place for reasonable and sensational dining. This place really provide 3R services, which is Reasonable, Recreational and Irresistable. Reasonable on the price where a 5-course set dinner costs around RM30++. Recreational in the sense of intimate and comfortable dining area and also the taste of the food is simply irresistable.

From outside it looks classy and cozy.

Not just the view from outside is nice infact it is also as groovy on the inside.

The cozy and intimate inner deco is also one of the attractions for many patrons to be here.

Other than the recreational surroundings, the most important is the irresistible pricing of the set dinner.

The standard set dinner with 5-course meal costs only RM30++ while the set dinner with grilled beef tenderloin costs RM40++. The 5-course meal includes:

  1. Seafood palate
  2. Soup of the day
  3. Main Course
  4. Cake, fruits and ice cream
  5. Coffee, tea or ice lemon tea.

First of all, the starter seafood palate  with diced tomatoes and basil salad. This dish includes prawns, smoke salmon, romaine lettuce and cucumber cubes. The dressing is with olive oil and lemon juice. For me, I prefer this dressing instead of mayonaise or thousand island as this is much more appetising and healthier.

After the starter, the next was the basic butter and bread. The bread was served hot and it was quite fresh.

Serving together with the bread was the soup of the day – asparagus soup. The soup was quite thick and creamy. It was great when dipped with buttered bread.

After the soup, the next serving will be the main course with the following choices:

  • Pan seared fillet of Snapper Fish
  • Grilled leg of Lamb on roasted zucchini
  • Oven baked thigh of Chicken with mozzarella

As for my choice of this round, I chose Grilled leg of lamb on roasted zucchini topped with aubergine and paprika in tomato salsa, abalone mushrooms and pan fried potatoes with blackcurrant sauce. The tenderness of the lamb was just nice and not over cooked and it was very appetizing when served together with the blackcurrant sauce. The meat was nicely cut and deboned for your ease of eating.

For beef lovers, you may upgrade your main course to grilled beef tenderloin (150g) with just an additional of RM10. The beef was served with mushroom sauce, baked potatoes, and fresh veggie. I requested the meat to be cooked in medium rare as I prefer a softer and succulent texture. The preparation of the meat met my requirement but the sauce was slightly diluted and insufficient for me to complete with the meat.

After the main course, it is followed by dessert – a small slice of cheese cake, some fresh fruits and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It felt great to have the ice cream together with the sour fresh fruit. If you dare you could also mix the cheese cake together with the ice cream which should be a great creation. As for the cheese cake the taste of the cheese was kind of mild.

While finishing the course, you might end your meal with a cup of fresh brewed coffee or ice lemon tea. As for me, I always prefer to have a hot drink. The coffee was smooth with strong coffee aroma. What a great in-house brewed coffee instead of the regular 3-in-1 coffee.

For those who enjoy red wine while dining, you could always try their house wine. The wine is from Australia and is sweet and juicy. For those that love dry wine, there are also other choices available. As for me the beginner, this wine is good enough for my tastebud.

Enjoying a glass of red wine after the delightful meal is an enjoyment of life.

Salsas restaurant – really “cooking with all senses”.

The set dinner provided is one of the most affordable and value for money in town area. The service is as good and servers are very helpful. Tips for guys, highly recommenced for you to bring your girlfriend for dining. Remember to call for booking. As for parking you can park at the red garden’s car park which is 2 stones’ throw away from Salsas restaurant off Penang road.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm; 6:30pm – 11:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-263 3923
Address:5, Penang Road, 10000 Penang.

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  1. cariso, never realised that. I will going to try out their lunch one day.

    Duckie, me too… nice place

    CK, wao… you even been to the one at Kelawai? Salute. I never know they where there.

  2. If one day we are in for western food while in Penang (sounds like a contradictio in Terminis though) this place might be a worthy try. Correct pricing and when looking at the food pics the dishes look very appealing. BTW, what’s the price they charge for white and red wine?

  3. Jay-P, I got the feeling too… come back all the way so far just for western food. This must be kidding. Anyway, not too worry I will prepare more of local delight to suite your need. 🙂

  4. Hi Goh, didnt expect to be in this page of yours. Long time no see.. the last time I met you when we were working in IC College internet cafe / gateway in batu lanchang (if you still remember us – brian, kenny, myself and others)

  5. Tetty rite? long time no see…. How’s going? Wat a surprise to hear from you again. I really miss those day, really hope to meet up with all of you one day 🙂 take care ya.

  6. Hi Tatty, how’s going? long time didn’t hear from you. It has been long time seen last meet. I miss those day, really hope to meet up with you all and have a good chat. Btw, you take care ya 🙂

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