Penang Food, Hot and Spicy Laksa @ Balik Pulau

Don’t know why when mention about Laksa, sure that particular few places in Penang will flash in our minds. Air Itam and Balik Pulau are one of the many famous places for Laksa, maybe due to its availability and also supplies of laksa which are well-segregated around these 2 places.

The laksa that I am going to introduce this round is the one located just opposite the old market at Balik Pulau. If you are heading Balik Pulau from Jalan Tun Sardon which is the new road, this shop is very easy to be located. It is 2 shops away from the junction of Jalan Tun Sardon and Jalan Balik Pulau. The shop beside it is a paint dealer which has a very colourful building.

The name of the shop is called “Chuan Heong Cafe”.

The stall is at the road side and you will hardly miss it.

The owner has been running this laksa business for decades. He started selling laksa in the old market and moved to the new place after the market was relocated. There is another branch selling laksa in the new market place which I have yet to visit.

Special recommended drink which is available here, “White Nutmeg with Pickled Palm” (白豆蔻+话梅). The taste was very sourly sweet. It made you wide-awake after a long hot day. It will regain your dehydration too.

The “White Nutymeg with Pickled Palm” (白豆蔻+话梅) is available with ice or without ice. For those who dislikes sour, you may order other usual drinks which are available at other common coffee shops.

As for the Laksa, there are few varieties. The 3 types of laksa available here are Assam Laksa, Siam Laksa and Mixed Laksa. For the normal size, each bowl costs RM2.30.

The Asam Laksa is the typical Penang Laksa which is spicy, sour and appetising. The soup base is cooked with slices of fish and curry flower. The side ingredients include cucumber, pineapple and also mint leaves. As for some who prefer the taste to be thicker, you can always add on shrimp paste.

Siam laksa soup base is made from coconut milk, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. Siam laksa tasted more rich and milky. It is not as authentic as Penang Laksa. However, it is great for someone that don’t prefer so sour taste.

The Mixed Laksa combines both Penang Assam and Siam Laksa. The taste is not as sour and milky. For those who want to try the best from both sides yet unable to finish up 2 bowls, this is the best way to solve your appetite.

Overall, I find that the spiciness of the laksa at this stall is slightly higher compared to others. If you are not a spicy lover, remember to ask the boss to eliminate the chili slices. Other than that, the laksa is supremo!

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Close on Wednesday)
Contact: 012-478 5352
Address:Laksa Balik Palau New Branch (Opponsite Old Market) Chuan Heong Cafe.

19 thoughts on “Penang Food, Hot and Spicy Laksa @ Balik Pulau”

  1. Cariso, I know you don’t like spicy… u can ask them to eliminate the spiciness for you 🙂

    Little inbox, really? I think I have no luck where every time go there also didn’t get to find it.

    NKOTB, ya… even myself after view back the photos I am mouth watering too.

    happy happy, no where to eat penang laksa in KL?

    Ming Na, I feel that is better than Air Itam one.

  2. I just sensed that you would write about that stall and you did. I can see that their serving are still as messy as ever. Who cares anyway as long as their laksa rocks! 😛

  3. steven
    i know this laksa stall but never got chance to stop over ,what a regret , missed Pg food so much lol ;(

  4. `wahhh… messy-ly served! I LIKE!
    Hehee.. u knw me la..its all abt the taste tht matters!
    Nowadays, restaurant wit h all their fancy wares and plates and serve me bad food..urghh!

    This type stil best! 😉

  5. Hi Steven,
    We were around Balik Pulau Y’day noon/afternoon and had great Laksa, Hokkien mee and more in a fishing village community near the small river. I’ll post about it later on my blog. We just arrived back in Hong Kong and are a little tired now!

  6. Reached ur blog accidently when google for kenny rogers =P

    Nice blog u have ^^ really my fav coz its foods + travel =D

    Oh btw…just a suggestion…It will be easier for people to drop comment if u have a shoutbox/cbox =)

    Okay~ will be back here ^^

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