Penang Famous Beef Koay Teow @ 2828 Cafe, Perak Road

Beefy… yummy, I know that eating beef is a sin in certain religions. However, some of the beef stalls are so irresistable to be missed. One of the many places in town where delicious instant cooked beef koay teow soup are served is the one that I am going to introduce below.

It is another day out with Criz Lai. This place is located near the center of Georgetown. The name of having this nice beef koay teow is 2828 Cafe. If you are heading this place from Dato Keramat Road, turn left when you see the Dato Keramat Polis Station. Moving forward you will see Padang Brown food court on your right. After another 100 meter forward, look for your left and you will see the coffee shop with the name 2828 cafe.

Cafe 2828 is not only famous with beef koay teow in morning and afternoon, it is also famous for its the fried and steamed dishes (煮炒) at night.

The famous instant cooked beef koay teow stall is very easy to be located. It is located just in front of the coffee shop. Although the stall stated Koay Teow Soup, it sells beef soup rice and noodle as well.

Beef Soup and Rice – RM6.60, I have tried many beef noodle and koay teow in town. Most of them had thick and strong soup base which had been prepared upfront. For this stall, the soup is clear and the smell is not that strong and it is instantly cooked . Although the fragrant is not as strong but the taste is still good compared to others. The ingredients of the soup include beef balls, beef slices, beef intestines and also some spring onions as topping. Even the soup base is cooked with beef ribs. I love the taste of this soup as the smell is not too overwhelming and the smell of the beef is still intact. Serving with rice is just as good as serving with noodle or koay teow.

Beef Soup Koay Teow – RM6, the price of beef koay teow and noodle is slightly cheaper than rice. Not sure why, but the taste is as good as having with rice. The beef slices are served in medium rare as the hot soup in your bowl will cook it further. If I get to choose either beef soup with rice or beef soup koay teow, I will choose koay teow as the blending of taste with soup, beef and koay teow is superb.

At the back end, you can see the cooking in progress. As you can see the owner was busy preparing the instant cooked beef koay teow.

The owner of the stall was posing with a peace sign.

Check out his expression. “What’s up? You must try, it’s good!”

One of the stalls in town that serves instant cooked beef noodle, koay teow and rice. The instant preparation really preserves the freshness and juiciness of the beef. The smell of the soup base is not very strong but the taste is excellent. The price is as per market price. My verdict, thumbs up to the owner of this stall.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 10:30am – 2:00pm (Close on Monday)
Address:Perak Plaza, Perak Road, 10400 Penang.

11 thoughts on “Penang Famous Beef Koay Teow @ 2828 Cafe, Perak Road”

  1. I love beef soup I prefer the one at Chulia / Beach Streets opposite Bomba, you must try that… I’m swallowing my saliva thinking of the soup..This one also good….

  2. Sin tailim, I had tried that before and I find the beef soup there is thicker compare to the one that I am having. But still both also top rank.

    Rebbecca, ya… hope they will remain their quality.

    Cariso, I though you only take the veggie?

    CH, that one already very famous. But this one is new 🙂

  3. Hi Steven, actually they have been selling for a few years now. My brother told me about it and said it’s not as good as the one on Beach Street, so I didn’t bother to try it lor 😉

  4. Hmmm… what a coincidence… I was in the midst of gathering information for the dinner instead… haha. Well, the one at Beach Street has been established for decades. The soup base there would be the strongest amongst the rest in Penang but sometimes I would also like to go for something milder just like this one or another one at GoodAll Cafe along Gottlieb Road. The one at New Lane also not bad. 🙂

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