Revisit to Special Curry Stall @ BB Food Court

From now onwards, I have to be very careful with what I have written on my blog. Because I don’t know who will be reading my blog from time to time. Those of you who have been following up closely to my posts should notice that I have previously posted a Very Special Curry Mee at BB Food Court, link as below:

I was told by my friend that the Curry Mee Owner has placed my article over the stall. Eventhough I visit this stall frequently I didn’t take notice of the article over there as it is placed towards the front entrance whereas I usually come in from the side entrance.


I was so surprised to see my article here as I have never mentioned to the owner that I will publish her article on the Internet. I just told her that I will help her to do free advertisement and allow myself to take the pictures of the stall. When asked about how she knew about this article she said her niece told her about this blog.

Well, for the crazy food blogger like me, finally I got my reward of one BIG bowl of curry mee with specially-added ingredients like sotong (squit), siow yok (roasted pork) and the usual stuffs like char siow (barbeque pork) and additional pork blood, yummy~~

By the way, the taste of the curry mee is still the best. I hope that she can keep up with the great taste and service. The reason is a lot of stalls have become commercialized after they are well-established, thus the food or service may not be that good as before.

8 thoughts on “Revisit to Special Curry Stall @ BB Food Court”

  1. wa, congratulation wor~ so nice la can get advertise at the stall. I’m thinking when will my blog is going to be published at kedai runcit, or 7-11, or kiosk… cannot liao, i also want to write makanan posts liao, then u can see all wan ton mee stalls in malaysia will published my bb market place. nyek nyek nyek~

  2. OH gosh, for a second I thought it was located at BB-Bukit Bintang, KL lol! This is well noted place to eat when I make my trip to Penang when I am going to to teach my first baking class in Penang this coming June! this is a great write up!

  3. bb community, may be you can talk about some ‘kam kam’ (1 brand of snack) or red indian bublegum so that the kedai runcit pak cik will display your blog there 🙂

    Will, thanks dude and hope you recover soon.

    Big Boys Oven, when you are here let me know. Will get bigger bowl if I bring you there.

    Hazel, you can get free meal also if you talk about food like me and people will stare at you as if you are crazy when you shooting at the food.

    Alex, this is call gotong royong. Benefit to each others.

  4. Wow! Steven I will defintely contact you when I am in Penang as Penang foodblogger Lingzie ( is trying to arrange us to teach baking in Penang soon.
    The curry must be a big big bowl!

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