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Looking for a place to relax after work or fancy having lunch in an air-conditioned place?  Federal Place (previously known as Honolulu Club) is the most suitable place for you. As an appreciation to my frequent readers, there will be a 10% discount voucher for you to print out at the end of this post to bring it to Federal Place for any ala-carte food and beverages consumed. This offer is only available exclusively at StevenGoh.com. I would like to send this credit to the floor manager of Federal Place, Sabrina, who allows me to provide this special offer to my readers.

For those who read my post about The Best Tai Lok Mee In Town you might probably realised that I have mentioned about Honolulu Pub before. Now it has been renamed to Federal Place (联邦) as this place was a cinema back in the 80’s and the name was called Federal Cinema back then. To be more accurate the location of this place is located opposite Acer Service Centre at Jalan Dato Keramat. For those who would like to dine in during any special occasion, you may call first to make reservation:

Telephone:   04-226 5858, 227 6602 (Alvin/Sabrina) 
Address:        341, Dato Keramat Road, 10460 Penang
Operation:   Restaurant is open daily inclusive weekends, 12:00noon – 2:30pm 

At Federal Place, besides enjoying the great food here, office executives and businessmen will also find this as a good place to relax and have a mug or two. The pub is located just beside the restaurant. Below is the picture showing the interior decoration of Federal Place Restaurant. Currently they are having promotion – RM8 per dish from a selection of 88 dishes. This promotion is only valid during lunch time (12:00noon – 2:30pm daily including weekends). Each dish is sufficient for sharing between 3 to 4 pax. The variety of dishes includes soup, vegetable, chicken, meat, prawn and even fish fillet. 


It is my pleasure to be invited as a guest by Sabrina, the floor manager upon trying out their new ala-carte dishes here in Federal Place.  Below are the dishes:  

Fragrant Boneless Pomfret (香骨斗昌)

The first dish we had was Pomfret fish cooked in 2 ways, fried and deep fried. For the fried style it’s mix with veggie and the taste was not that heavy. By cooking in this way you can actually taste the freshness of this Pomfret. The other way of deep fried style was cooked with secret recipe ketchup sauce with sliced brinjal which made the fish fillet even sweeter.

(Pomfret – Deep-bodied sooty-black pelagic spiny-finned fish of the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific; valued for food)

Curry Fish Head (加哩鱼头)

This type of curry fish head is cooked in Patong style and the fish head used is “koay kao”. It’s cooked together with lady fingers and mint leaves as topping. Curry is essential for Malaysians. Usually a good curry will prompt for more rice.

Pancuri Lamb Ribs (蕃朱利羊排)

The name has said it all, it’s an Indonesian style. This is the lamb ribs marinated with sauce for hours which made the ribs softer. Combination of this lamb ribs with mint sauce is great.

Pan Fried Prawn with Soy Sauce (酱油王虾)

The main attraction of this dish is actually the pagoda made out from a carrot. I was thinking to take back this pagoda as a souvenir. Anyway, the prawns around this pagoda are cooked with dark soy sauce and instead of add-in usual “assam ko” the chef has added in some chili to make it sweet and spicy.

4 Types Vege Patong Fried (巴东四蔬)

This dish has another nick name called the 4 Kingdom, as there were a mixture of 4 vegetable like asparagus, lotus root, buah petai and winged bean (kacang botol) with prawn. It’s fried in Patong style which is hot and spicy.

Fruit Desert (水果甜品)

3 types of tropical in a pleasant presentation.

To get the exclusive discount voucher, Click on the discount voucher banner below to enlarge to full size and print it out. Show this voucher to the waiter/waitress when you pay for your bill to get special discount.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

10 thoughts on “Enjoy Leisure And Nice Food @ Federal Place”

  1. Man, what a job you got!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask Sabrina if she wants an extra guest to get a second opinion. Unbiased of course.

    Lovely presentation and so cheap.

    I used to have an uncle who lived near the Federal Cinema, saw Wang Yu One Arm Swordman back in 1970 there!!! Would not recognise the place now.

    BTW my dad used ti be the post master in the Dato Keramat Post Office in the 60’s. I do not remember living above the P.O.



  2. Hi,
    Always wanted to visit this place, but hesitated seeing it as a ‘pub’.
    The dishes does looked delicious especially the lamb ribs and the promfet fish.
    The promfet fish dish is prepared the same way as those in Jade Palace (on Abu Siti Lane) but they dont add in the brinjal.
    Thks for sharing….

    fr what2see

  3. Yat H. Ng, actually I had tasted their food more then twice only I blog about it. You can call Sabrina any time to arrange for the food test 🙂 To be frank the food is nice with taste and decoration, no bias. If the food not nice you give me one thousand I also won’t blog. Unless you give me 1 million, I will consider about that.

    CK Lam, the place is segregate from pub and restaurant, and the boss is planning to build a partition in between soon. Anyway, the usual time there is soft music at the lounge and only after dinner time they will convert to karaoke place.

  4. wuwuwu~ feel so hungry after reading this post, especially the lamb ribs, looks so nice. Wa~ i cannot tahan liao la, everytime visit here also got yummy things to see! Then this time got voucher to download somemore. Who is this sabrina? your friend arr, so good one~

  5. Wow man! All this food makes my mouth waters into stream. Ha =) Hmm…would love to eat at these places but I don’t have a deep pocket. Perhaps when I start working next time. By the way the vouchers works? And where can we get more of these type of free vouchers? =)

  6. NKOTB, is an old theater change to PUB front, side restaurant, back is the club, 2nd floor is fitness center and 3rd is library. Btw, the parking there is FREE for the whole day 🙂

    BB community, ya this is exclusively for StevenGoh.com readers only. Sabrina is actually the floor manager there and she is very friendly 1, any complaints you can talk to her and she will sure to be there to listen.

    tekkaus, no lah. Not that expensive 1. You can get set lunch at RM8 per dishes inclusive fish, prawn and meat.

    AkiraSabine, you should try out the food instead of wetting on your keyboard.

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