First Vietnamese Fine Cuisine in Penang @ Miss Saigon, eGate

(Latest Update: This place had close down, due to some business issue. )

There are not much places selling Vietnamese food in Penang. The only place that I can recall is The Food Loaf at Gurney Plaza. However, so far in Penang there is no restaurant which offers authentic Vietnamese food.

Now there is one restaurant at eGate which offers fine Vietnamese cuisine. Last Friday was the first day of the restaurant’s grand opening. I am honoured to be invited by the owner to try out the food and entitled to 50% discount. Now, with all these privileges who still thinks that I am a weirdo food blogger who took pictures over my meal?

The actual location of Miss Saigon is located at eGate, Penang and it’s beside Georgetown Cafe and OldTown Cafe.

Wikimapia’s GPS:

The phone number is shown as below. If you are really in a hurry you can call to pre-order your food as the restaurant is still very new and needs longer preparation time.

These are restaurant’s staffs and the counter. Currently there is still no cashier machine and all the bill are calculated manually.

I love the decoration inside as it has a mixture of contemporary and traditional Vietnamese ambience.

My cup of tea which is the Vietnamese Lemongrass Tea. Actually, I wanted to try out Vietnamese Lotus Tea, however there it is not in stock yet. Fortunate enough the lemongrass tea actually tastes nice too, else I will be cursing up and down.

Someone has ordered A&W Root Beer Float. Hm….

Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh Topped with Lemongrass Sauce. The chicken is well marinated with the lemongrass gravy served with broken rice and vege. The chicken tastes nice and makes your mouth watery when it is being served as the baked chicken with lemongrass really smell nice.

Traditional Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. Beef slices and koay teow in clear beef broth, served with bean sprouts, mint leaves, lemon and green leaves. This is a very typical and traditional Pho (pronounce as fer) for their koay teow. Beef soup is very nice as they boiled with beef bones for long hours.

While having my dinner, I saw someone sitting across my table is looking at the menu and writing a lot on his diary too. I think he might be another food critic. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to know him. If anyone know him please tell me.

Vietnamese Southern Noodle, Stir Fried Beef. Fragrant beef and rice noodle, served with green salad, lemongrass, peanuts, mint leaves, cucumber and bean sprouts. The beef slices is quite similar tothe traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup, the only difference is there are not much soup in here and they have changed the koay teow to rice noodle.

Fragrant Beef Baked in Bamboo Cup. The serving of this dish is very similar to grilled boneless chicken where there is vege and broken rice. This time the meat is served in a bamboo cup and on top is sprinkled with grained leamongrass. The meat was marinated before it was baked. I love the meat but the gravy is a bit too salty.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Overall, I love the environment here as the place is very cozy. However, there is still room for improvement on their services and foods. I will make another “spot check” next month to see their progress.

7 thoughts on “First Vietnamese Fine Cuisine in Penang @ Miss Saigon, eGate”

  1. Steven

    When I retire and come back and to Penang to stay, I want to be your under study and visit all the fancy places you get invited to.

    No doubt, I will only be entiltled to the crumbs off the master table!!!

    At least I will die FAT!



  2. KK, you seem to like Bequadro a lot.

    Vikie, actually the service and environment is nice but not the food.

    Yat, you are most welcome to join the crowd

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