Penang Time Square Haven Delights @ Starter, Drinks And Dessert Chapter

If you are looking for Japanese creations, Korean dishes,  Hong Kong meals and Shanghainese food but budget is still a constraint for you, fear not. The following place that I am going to introduce covers all the introduction of the multi-cuisine above  and at the same time you will be glad to be a part of wise consumers as this place really saves your money while serving great food.

(Due to excessive amount of pictures taken and I find it very hard for me to sacrifice some of the pictures, I have decided to break this post into 2 chapters. This first chapter consists of Starter, Drinks And Dessert Chapter whereas the second chapter will concentrate on Main Dishes.)

This particular restaurant that I am going to introduce is located inside Ivory Time Square Penang. It is very easy to be accessed, when you arrived at the main entrance of the building take the escalator in front of you to level 1 and turn left, walk until the end and you will see Haven Delights is located just in front of you. Special thanks to Criz for organizing this eatery outing.

Haven Delights presently has one outlet in Penang only. “There are plans to expand its business to other parts of Malaysia and other countries within the next few years,” said Mr. Ng Boon Tong, Chairman & Managing Director. The restaurant currently serves fabulous cuisines from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Shanghai with a twist of fusion to stay above of its competitors within the food and beverages industry.

Under the expertise and experience of its Executive Chef, Mr. Edwin Teo, the restaurant has ongoing plans to excel beyond the expectations of its patrons with creative presentations and tasty food. With more than 10 years of experience in serving great Japanese/Korean food to the East & West Malaysians, Singaporeans, Canadians and even the royal family of Brunei, Edwin has teamed up with experienced Sous Chef, Mr Alex (Hong Kong/Shanghai cuisines), Mr Melvin Loo (Sushi Assistant) and Mr. KP Lim (Demi Chef de Partie) to serve you the best of what Haven Delights can offer.

Apart from the over 200 varieties of A la Carte dishes (which will be reviewed 2-3 times a year with new additions to the menu), the restaurant also serves buffet lunch and dinner at RM49.90+ per pax (Children will get 50% off). You can order any items on their 90 over dishes buffet menu within a duration of two hours from as early as 10.30am until 11.00pm daily.

The ambience and surroundings of this place has already given you a touch of classical and grand feeling.

For those who prefer oriental style you can choose to be seated at the dining area, else there is also a sushi bar for Japanese food lovers.

Other than the ambience and the layout, even the utensils used looked classical and delicate as well.

First of all before the excitement begins, usually we will start off with drinks. There are 3 types of special creations invented by the chef himself. Starting from left:

  1. Red Cherry (RM5)
  2. Blue Lagoon (RM5)
  3. Green Soda (RM5)

These are some of the great creations by the chef that will chill you down with different flavors. Some of the main ingredients of the drink are kept secret as these are their specialties.

Fizzy Mint (RM5) is another creation that is made from mint and soda. The gas of the soda and the mint flakes are like the snow flakes, while slurping down your drink with its creative straw, you will get to watch the flakes flowing up and down and it’s like dancing in your drink.

While the drink was being served, the chef executive, Edwin was preparing our starter dishes. The preparation took a lot of time as he purposely arranged the creation for us in a more presentable manner.

The first dish on the menu, Hotzzz Abalone (Buffet Menu) – Abalone slices with homemade spicy paste & eel sauce.

On the same plate there is Unagi Tofu (Buffet Menu) – Grilled eel with silky tofu in sweet sauce and garnishes.

Silky Egg with Water Chestnut (RM6), sliced red dates, white fungus and finely sliced water chestnuts simmered with in a beaten egg white broth, mildly sweetened with rock sugar is an excellent selection of dessert for those that prefer hot dessert. This is one of my favorites as I usually prefer hot drinks than cold drinks. This dessert is not too sweet, the smooth textue of it really cleared my throat.

Mocha Ice Cream (RM8), Green tea ice cream with red bean paste. For those who love cold desserts and do not have sweet tooth, this is the most suitable option. The mocha has the taste of green tea and the texture is fine, served with soft red bean paste and rice dumping as filling. To me I would prefer this to be slightly sweeter as desserts are supposed to be sweet as a happy ending.

Kuru Goma Ice Cream (RM8), black sesame seed ice cream with crushed peanuts. I prefer this ice cream than the mocha ice cream as this is slightly sweeter compared to the former. There is also a fresh aroma of crunchy peanuts coming from the ice cream which I find it quite unique and tasty.

Please stay tuned to this post as the 2nd Chapter on the “Main Courses”, click here

Operation hours: 10.30am-11.00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 604-210 8855, 604-210 8856 (Mr. Ng/ Miss Angie)
Address:HAVEN DELIGHTS @ Penang Times Square, 77-L1-34, Jalan Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.

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  1. wowwww!!!!one of the best photo shots i had ever seen.,n the food/drink sure looks as good as im sure it taste real good.Really appetising lor.

  2. OMG!!!how could i miss this big one.I envy u man,i should have been there for the review as criz had mentioned it to me before i left for shanghai.Now i have only xiao long bau for company n i miss the hongkong rice i had at havendelights .The Yangzhou fried rice here in Shanghai is not as nice as the one i had in Havendelights lol.

  3. If im not wrong i think their fizzzy drinks must be a new creations as when i was there last month i dont get to try them.U lucky man.

  4. Ben, thanks for the complements. Btw, the food there is nice. I love the serounding and food there, it’s great.

    Benny, too bad for you. Btw, not too worry. When you come back that time let me know I will go there together with you as I might get a good discount there too.

    Criz, you already have more fizzy drinks than me.

    NKOTB, have you try out yet? is a great creation.

    khensthoth, thanks for the reminder. I had updated my post. 🙂

    CK, thanks. Oh ya, I love your post on 7atenine, Ascott Kuala Lumpur. It’s excellent.

  5. Great review! And you captured other stuff that are not being shown yet by the other floggers 🙂

    The fizzy drinks look so gooood!

  6. Allie i think maybe steven has internal connections or what.Anyhow i sure would love to have them in this hot days…

  7. Oh my freaking god, everything looks SO good! I can’t believe no one told me about this before I went and came back from Penang! WAAH! now I probably have to wait another 3-5 years!

  8. Wow, everything looks so exotic to me here. How ‘d love to give it all a try. I really like how you’ve taken a lot of photos – really gives the flavor of things. Happy blogging and eating!

  9. Wow … that’s like one of the longest and most detailed food review I’ve ever come across. Gosh, I have to get use to this. Nevertheless, a very complete and information article. Put my writing to shame …

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  12. Very nice foods at the Haven Delight. Been there a number of times since their opening. Penang Times Square is a very nice place too.

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